Escape to the ‘jungle’ right here in New Zealand

The heated Tree Tent is cocooned in native bush and even has a bathtub suspended from trees. The fridge is stocked with food, including steak and salmon; the barbecue is ready to go, and to top it off, wine and chocolates sit next to the bed. A night in the bush has never looked so […]

‘Mulan,’ once a sure thing, becomes a problem for Disney

Disney has a lot at stake in China. The company spent $5.5 billion developing its Shanghai Disneyland resort and has been expanding its smaller park in Hong Kong. The movie market there is also on track to become the world’s largest. But with both Republicans and Democrats focusing on China trade and cultural issues in […]

Texts from crew member hours before disaster reveal ‘pretty hardcore’ conditions on livestock ship

While restarting the search and rescue operation was of the utmost importance, Suttorr, who was a stockman on ships for seven years, would like to see an inquiry into what happened to the ship in its final days, in particular why it continued on the path it did.

Astronomers find NO technological signs of alien life in a study of more than 10 MILLION star systems

‘When building something the size of the SKA, it’s important to try on a smaller scale first to test and refine technologies and anticipate potential challenges on a larger scale,’ said Richard Schilizzi, former director of the SKA project. 

Mulan: Kiwi director Niki Caro reveals why she chose her movie’s stars

Previous credits: Yen has been acting since the mid-’80s, landing his first leading role in 1984’s Drunken Tai Chi. He had a breakout role in 1992’s Once Upon a Time in China II alongside Mulan co-star Jet Li and collaborated with Li again in the 2002 film Hero, which earned a foreign language film nod […]

Mulan is a movie about how much Hollywood needs China

When officials such as Attorney General William Barr and Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, recently criticised Hollywood for altering content to comply with Chinese government censors, they glossed over an essential irony: The American failure to contain the pandemic has deepened Americans studios’ dependence on the Chinese market, increasing their incentives to make entertainment that aligns […]

Aftershock: COVID-19’s permanent impact on tech supply chains

The supply chain “+1” The US Dept. of Commerce estimates that as much as 76% of global trade is comprised of supply chain activity — the transactions that make it possible for goods and services to be delivered and presented to consumers. The primary gauge of a country’s or a world’s economic health is a […]

Huawei opens core tech to developers and hopes to inspire the next TikTok

Related Coverage Huawei ban expanded to include foreign-made chips using US techHuawei just overtook Samsung as the world’s biggest smartphone makerUS imposes visa restrictions on Huawei employees, other Chinese tech workersUS amends ban to allow companies to work with Huawei for developing 5G standardsHuawei hits back as UK takes another look at 5G roleHuawei rebukes […]

Marlborough’s best wine is a chardonnay

“I love making sauvignon as well, everybody has to pay their full respect to savignon because it’s the variety that put Marlborough on the map – but in saying that, I think in the last 10 years Marlborough has started to redefine itself,” he said. 

Why they want to bin the Resource Management Act and how that is a big deal

Taylor says the RMA always enabled local councils to produce planning maps which would give voice to community expectations about how a city was going to grow, how the countryside was going to be used. And then spell out the infrastructure to make that growth possible.