DAILY BLOG, March 26: What new $500m stimulus package means for you and your family

Local stocks had rocketed in the final minutes of trade on Wednesday after US politicians finally reached a deal – yet to be passed – on a $A3.3 trillion stimulus measure to shore up the world’s biggest economy.

Housing market will find its new normal

It’s a messy picture and no-one on the planet has experience of what usually happens in economies, let alone housing markets, when there is a pandemic. But the long-term fundamentals of our housing market don’t look to have much changed. In fact, with the isolation-reputation of New Zealand hopefully to be enhanced in coming weeks and […]

Federal Government offers $130b in coronavirus wage subsidies for businesses to pay workers

Key points:The Government expects up to 6 million people will access a $1,500 fortnightly wage subsidyThe so-called JobKeeper payment is designed to keep people in workThe Government will also lift the means-testing threshold for the partners of JobSeeker recipients

Coronavirus: How sharing your data could help in NZ’s level 4 lockdown

Any system implemented in New Zealand needs to have a clear end date, with public reporting and independent oversight. For instance, that public reporting could be done via the new cross-party committee led by opposition leader Simon Bridges, which is scrutinising the government’s response to Covid-19. Once the crisis is over, the programme needs to […]

Am I eligible for the JobKeeper payment? Here’s everything you need to know to register

Can I get the JobKeeper and other payments? A person receiving the JobKeeper payment cannot also receive the JobSeeker payment (formerly Newstart). People who have already applied for JobSeeker can withdraw and shift to job keeper payments if they are re-engaged by their employer.

Elderly man is charged with breaching coronavirus self-quarantine after ‘speaking too close to his neighbours and riding his push bike’

From midnight last night, all arrivals at international airports will be made to stay at accommodation facilities for their two weeks mandatory self-isolation under the close watch of border force officials, before getting the all clear to return home.