Eerie time-capsule farmhouse left untouched for decades with kids’ toys and unread newspapers from 1950s found inside

Drained indoor swimming pools and gutted bedrooms had lain untouched for years in the wrecked properties — some of which haven’t been lived in for over a quarter of a century.

‘Maskual harassment,’ angry customers, and no tips: The life of restaurant workers during COVID-19

Bartenders and restaurant staff such as Natasha are reporting huge spikes in these hostile encounters since the pandemic hit, because a significant portion of their job is now to act as the mask police, enforcing public health measures that are required by many state laws and employers. (We are keeping the names and workplaces of […]

Care sector has 20,000 jobs on offer as airline & shop staff urged to retrain

Value their experience and see them as mentors. Many mature employees are enthusiastic to give back in the form of training and mentoring. They will respect a no-ego approach and your readiness to learn from their expertise. Be humble and understand how they like to communicate. They will have set ways of working that have […]

Our Truth, Tā Mātou Pono: Monocultural sports coverage has marginalised Māori stars

“It attracts global audiences because it’s the pinnacle of indigenous performance. Yet we don’t celebrate it as sport here. But haka is sport for Māori… and because it attracts people from Australia, it’s like a world cup… It’s the biggest stage for Māori sport that we have, yet there’s very little media coverage.”

The Vulture Transcript: Whit Stillman on

That was inspired by you? You were the shouter in college?Harvard Crimson. And back then they prided themselves on torturing us and humiliating us, which I’m sure was very good for our characters, and prepared us for the film business. But I changed: I went in a lot like Tom Townsend, the pathetic guy in […]

Tote raises £20m to fund ambitious bet on move into football

More from Business COVID-19: Business rates repayment pot nears £2bn as Lidl signs up COVID-19: Primark reveals £430m lockdown sales hit as it refuses to go online Bank of England told to find out where ‘missing’ £50bn in cash is ‘stashed’ Brexit: Hopes of free trade deal ‘receding’ after talks hit stumbling block Warner Bros […]

Apple’s ludicrous demand in next trial: Samsung must pay $40 per smartphone

In 2012, Apple won a $1 billion patent and trademark verdict against Samsung, although that sum was reduced to less than $900 million after a re-trial on damages. In the upcoming trial, newly revealed documents indicate that Apple is looking for a patent royalty rate that would allow it to collect billion-dollar sums from Samsung […]

Football fans CAN return to live games from December 2 with Premier League stadiums open as rules and tiers change

But allowing just 2,000 fans in Tottenham’s 62,000-capacity stadium might make it more expensive to re-open than to keep the ground shut out until that maximum attendance number is bigger.

Jurors see one final clash in $2 billion

Apple: “Time for you to do justice” Apple’s lead counsel, Harold McElhinny, went first, taking “all of four minutes to invoke the memory of Steve Jobs,” notes an Associated Press brief on the closing. McElhinny called the iPhone “revolutionary,” just as he had in the opening statement, which was laden with glowing press coverage of the first iPhone launched in […]

Xinhua Headlines: Young Tibetan becomes new face of idyllic rural life

Many are seriously considering traveling to Litang. A recent report from, a major Chinese online tourism company, said the search volume for “Litang” had increased more than sixfold in the 10 days after Nov. 20, four times more than during the National Day holiday in early October.