QUT researchers develop AI to improve accuracy around eye-testing

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Driver, 49, slapped with parking fine while being treated for suspected heart attack by paramedics

“Cases such as these are the reason there is an appeals process in place, and we encourage anybody who has received a penalty charge notice as a result of a medical emergency to contact us through the appeals process.”

Now coronavirus rise spreads to the middle-aged: England is on the brink of losing control of Covid outbreak, warns SAGE adviser – as infections in the over-50s soar by 92 PER CENT

One officer, based in the North East, said: ‘We are worried this weekend is going to be like the last days of Rome. If people think they are not going to be allowed to go out and enjoy themselves for the next few months, they are going to go crazy and we will be left […]

UK’s coronavirus death toll jumps by 181 to 759 in Britain’s darkest day of the crisis yet as almost 3,000 more patients are diagnosed as Government promises to start testing hundreds of frontline NHS staff this weekend

NURSES FROM ACROSS THE UK WILL BE TRANSFERRED TO LONDON HOSPITALS TO CARE FOR THE CAPITAL’S ‘TSUNAMI’ OF PATIENTS  NHS nurses are to be sent to London from all over the UK as the capital is set to be struck by a ‘tsunami’ of coronavirus cases in the coming weeks and British pandemic-related deaths reached […]

Woman, 32, who has spent £30,000 on IVF, suffered four miscarriages and lost twins who were born prematurely reveals she’s not giving up hope of becoming a mother despite her 12-year struggle

‘At the 14-week scan, they found my cervix had started to shorten the way it had with Riley, so I spoke to a specialist at a hospital in London, who was able to put a cervical stitch in to close it and reduce the risk of the babies coming too early.’

UK air pollution: why are we only now waking up to this public health crisis?

When Justin Bieber collapsed last week at the O2 arena in London and was taken to a private clinic feeling “short of breath” and needing oxygen, the rumours started flying that he had had an asthma attack. They were denied by his management, but it would have been understandable if he had. Most of last […]

Mother says she could sense her daughter had cancer weeks before the ten-year-old was diagnosed with little-known form of the disease

She said: ‘Every blood test is a worry, every lumbar is a worry, every single day is a worry. You see the smiles on Facebook but what you don’t see is the hurt the pain and the mental effects. It would break you, so just take a minute and think when you sit and moan […]

Coronavirus: Will universities be exempt from the new rules? And other questions

With key workers wearing some sort of mask, how are deaf people who lip-read supposed to understand what is being said? From Margaret Roll in Clevedon Wearing masks presents major challenges for some deaf people who rely on lip-reading to communicate, but who also need to stay safe from catching the virus, especially if in […]

Pregnant Ashley James rushed to hospital as she’s plagued by mystery pains

“I mentioned this briefly in a previous post, but as I hit the 21 week mark, I wanted to talk about stretch marks. I’ve had stretch marks around my boob since I was 15, and around my bum from, well I don’t quite know what age. Now as my baby develops, I’m noticing them appear […]

England announces 12 more coronavirus deaths in hospitals in early count as Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland all record zero

Although the rate is higher now than in July, it is nowhere near the levels seen during the height of the pandemic, an indication that some cases are due to higher prevalence of the virus while others are due to more focused testing in hotspots.