NHS has ‘hidden waiting list’ of 15million Brits in need of follow up appointments

“Now that hospitals have managed the first wave of coronavirus, treating more than 108,000 people for Covid-19, local health services are continuing to expand their services for routine care, alongside substantially enhanced capacity being contracted from the independent sector.”

Windham, NH High School Goes Remote, Sports Suspended After Students Contract COVID-19

“It’s incredibly frustrating,” said Sam Hoyt, a rising senior at the high school. He doesn’t play fall sports, but is disappointed for his friends who do. “I have friends that have followed every rule, worn their masks, stayed six feet apart,” he explained. “And they are getting that opportunity [to play sports] taken away from […]

Captain Tom Moore, 99, completes 100th lap of garden and raises £13m for NHS

“Captain Tom, he has served his country in the past and he’s serving his country now, both raising that money for the NHS, for which I know NHS charities are going to be incredibly proud and grateful, but also cheering us all up.

Our lost coronavirus heroes – the faces of fallen frontline NHS and care workers

Poornima Nair, Areema Nasreen, Evelyn Nicolas, Vivian Chikwan Ng, Khulisani Nkala, Paul Nutt, Andrew Ekene Nwankwo, Gill Oakes, Onyenachi Obasi, Eyitolami Olaolorun, Julie Omar, Alice Kit Tak Ong, Dr James Oniah, Mary Oniah, Aimee O’Rourke, David Orr.

Coronavirus good news! Vaccine in human trial phase and £80K raised for NHS heroes

Official messaging – like ‘stay home save lives -‘ reminders will be sent to players while they wait for games to load, and in takeovers of the spaces usually used to advertise brands.

Millions of people on Universal Credit unaware they qualify for free NHS prescriptions

Income Support Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance Income-related Employment and Support Allowance, or Pension Credit Guarantee Credit Universal Credit 3. NHS pre-paid prescriptions If you need more than 12 prescribed medicines each year, you could save money with a 12-month Prescription Prepayment Certificate (PPC).

NHS testing boss issues ‘heartfelt apology’ to people unable to get Covid tests and blames lack of capacity at laboratories for backlog

‘We have additional NHS, Lighthouse, University and Partner Labs all due to open up imminently and we are also expanding the use of non-Laboratory based tests.The testing team work on this 18 hours a day, seven days a week. We recognise the country is depending on us.’

One in 50 NHS patients have now been waiting a YEAR or more for planned surgery as 4.5-month wait list surges to highest level for 12 years

‘But the reality is that many frontline NHS staff are physically and emotionally exhausted by the pandemic, new safety restrictions mean some treatments and procedures take longer to deliver, and there are indications that patients remain hesitant to use some face-to-face NHS services, a phenomenon likely to persist as infection rates rise again.

Long-awaited NHS Covid contact-tracing app will FINALLY launch in England and Wales in two weeks, Department of Health announces – a day after Sturgeon launched it in Scotland

The server database will not be necessary because each phone will keep an individual log of the bluetooth profiles someone has come close to. These will then be linked anonymously to people’s NHS apps and alerts can be pushed through that even after the person is out of bluetooth range.

NHS cleaners twice as likely to be infected with Covid-19 than frontline doctors

Prof Richter said it was an observational study, and not all participants provided all the information requested. Nor is it known whether symptomless infection among staff puts hospital patients at risk.