Tiger Shroff jumps 5.7ft high, says ‘could go higher if it wasn’t for all that cake last night’. Watch

Lately, the Heropanti actor has been quite active on the social media amid quarantine and has been updating fans of his activities by sharing pictures and videos. Earlier, the actor had shared a major throwback video as he shared a glimpse of his flying kick. The video also featured Akshay Kumar.

Superhero Comedy Superworld Reunites Director Jason Bateman with Game Night Writer

The recently announced adaptation of Superworld is just one of a number of interesting projects that Jason Bateman has on his directing agenda, which includes teaming up again with Perez for an untitled family comedy set in an abandoned movie studio that is set up at Netflix with John Cena attached to star. Bateman is […]

Deathstroke Knights & Dragons: The Movie Review: DC Villain Gets a Bloody, Melodramatic Makeover

This latest DC Comics animated movie kneecaps the thrilling action with cringeworthy dialogue. Slade Wilson deals with multiple family problems. They are the underlying themes of the plot. Let’s just say he’s not winning father of the year. The interactions between Deathstroke, his offspring, and Addie are poorly written. The film becomes a sappy superhero […]

If You Wanna Believe That Anything Could Stop Dua Lipa, Don’t Watch Her Host

In addition to interviewing her pop predecessor Gwen Stefani later in the evening, Lipa also allowed herself to get lightly roasted by a cadre of elderly music fans responding to her music and looks directly to her face. “That’s terrible,” one woman muses over a yellow tartan crop top. “If I had a daughter, I […]

Spend the Night in the Last Blockbuster on Earth

Eighties children rejoice — your wildest dream is about to come true: You can now spend the night in a Blockbuster, where you can watch any VHS your little heart desires. Sure, you could also just fire up Netflix or Amazon Prime or Disney+ or one of myriad other streaming services — but isn’t picking […]

‘Total, complete shock’: Over $77,000 raised to save historic Bay Area movie theater

In spite of a murky future, things were looking up for the Vine. As the months passed and summer rolled around, Way decided to offer a biweekly carnival treat sale, selling novelties like caramel apples, snow cones and chocolate-dipped cheesecake on a stick — an endeavor that became popular with families amid the cancellation of […]

Will Smith on Jumping to Netflix: ‘You Almost Can’t Make New Movie Stars Anymore’

That would be Bright, which is rumored to be the most expensive film Netflix has ever commissioned. It walks and squawks like the sort of summer-movie tentpole that would play in 3,000 theaters: Directed by David Ayer, who is coming off the biggest hit of his career with Suicide Squad, it stars Will Smith as […]

Revealed: A secret list of Netflix codes that will help you watch your favourite TV shows and films no matter where you live

An expansion drive has meant that nearly half of Netflix users are now outside the US, a proportion expected to increase as it adds more customers.  

Watching 3D movies ‘helps improve brain power’

The study also found, perhaps unsurprisingly, that 3D provided more immersion for viewers than 2D, with a 7% uplift in engagement for viewers watching in stereoscope. But Fagan and Walker did not report on whether people watching in 3D enjoyed their experience more than those watching in 2D. A 2011 study by L Mark Carrier […]

‘We’re coming for you’: Mayor Lightfoot’s warning to looters who ransacked Chicago in night of ‘straight-up criminality’ that saw 100 arrests and 13 cops injured

Police officers were still arresting people on Monday morning, hours after the looting began. It’s unclear what triggered the looting; earlier in the day, residents of a South Side neighborhood gathered in protest after being told, incorrectly, that police had shot a child. They’d in fact shot a suspect who had opened fire on them […]