New York Film Festival Puts Tradition Into Turnaround To Meet The Drive-In Moment

The differences between the 2019 edition — which also included Parasite, Joker, Uncut Gems and Marriage Story — and the 2020 experience could hardly be more stark. For Hernandez, though, there is an appealing opportunity for the festival to reach wider audiences, even after the pandemic subsides. He recalled his first trip to Lincoln Center […]

Drive-In ‘Lovers Rock’: A NY Film Festival Unlike Any Other Honks Opening Horn

This opening night kicked off the biggest U.S. fest to proceed during the pandemic after other events had to cancel. It followed Venice and Toronto in continuing on in altered form. Predictably, it felt worlds apart from last year. That festival world-premiered Netflix’s The Irishman, its star-laden after-party so packed that Ted Sarandos could barely […]

Venice Film Festival Calls For Journalists To Hold Reviews Until Public Screenings

Traditionally, press previews gave journalists – essential partners of a film festival – sufficient time to carry out their work productively. Back when articles appeared solely in print form, journalists’ reviews were published the next day, or in any case, after the first public screening.

Film Review: Steve McQueen’s New York Film Festival Opener ‘Lovers Rock’

McQueen resorts to what seem like dozens of cutaways to the DJ’s changing records. As the evening wears on and the drug intake overcomes the more unruly guests, some unpleasantness rises to the surface and threatens to spoil the good times, but the trouble feels manufactured, just thrown in. It all ends on a sweet […]

Toronto Film Festival Jury Winners: ‘Martin Eden’, ‘Murmur’, ‘How To Build A Girl’

Martin Eden, which Kino Lorber acquired for North America last week after its Venice Film Festival world premiere, is an adaptation of the 1909 Jack London novel about a young man (Luca Marinelli) trying to rise above his circumstances and become a member of the literary elite.

Black Voters Are Disproportionately Having Mail Ballots Rejected in North Carolina

But Republican legislative leaders and President Donald Trump’s campaign sued to block state officials from enforcing the rule changes, which could have seen a rise in the number of ballots counted in the crucial battleground state. Trump beat Clinton in North Carolina by 173,315 votes in 2016, but a CBS News poll from September 25 […]

Trump-Biden race is tight in Florida, Georgia and North Carolina — CBS News Battleground Tracker poll

Candidate characteristicsAs we’ve seen in other battlegrounds, more like the way Biden handles himself personally than say that about Mr. Trump. This is in contrast to the 2016 campaign when both presidential candidates were viewed negatively. In North Carolina, where Biden has an edge, most voters who backed Mr. Trump in 2016 like how the […]

Around 11,000 North Carolina Voters Mailed Voter Registration Forms With Incorrect Information as Election Approaches

Brinson-Bell sent a memo to the county board of elections instructed officials to “take no action” if county boards receive an absentee ballot with errors, specifying that such ballots should not be reissued. She also noted that ballots returned in an envelope with deficiencies cannot be accepted or rejected.

Democrats Win Major Concessions on Vote-by-Mail from North Carolina in ‘Consent Decree’

* The previous “cure” process apparently had to be completed before Election Day, according to the State Board of Elections: “County boards of elections will contact voters when there are deficiencies with their absentee ballot. You should provide your phone number or email address on the request form in case the county board needs to […]

Hanoi, HCM City host science film festival

The 10th Science Film Festival opened at Thuc Nghiem High School on October 14.—Photo courtesy of Goethe Institute As part of the Science Film Festival 2020, which is co-held by the Goethe Institute and THD Education Solutions Company, the institute offers full Sundays on October 25 and November 8 in Hanoi Goethe Institute and November 1 & 15 in HCMC General Science Library to […]