Strong rains hit southern Japan as Koreas ready for typhoon

South Korea’s weather agency said the typhoon will affect most of the country and warned of potential damage from “very strong winds and very hard rain.” The storm was already lashing Jeju as it approached, knocking out electricity to more than 2,100 homes, toppling or damaging traffic signs, snapping trees, breaking windows and flooding highways. […]

North Korean Hackers Are Scarier Than North Korean Nukes

Meanwhile, cyberattacks keep intensifying, and security experts can’t stay ahead of the hackers. The latest, in mid-May, was the worst so far. The ransomware affected up to 99 countries. It froze hospitals in the U.K.; infected Russia’s Interior Ministry and biggest bank, Sberbank; shut down parts of Spain’s Telefónica; and fried millions of Windows computers […]

Dozens of people are injured as Japan is battered by Typhoon Haishen’s 80mph winds, leaving a wake of destruction before barrelling into South Korea

People struggle with their umbrellas against wind in downtown Seoul, South Korea, on Monday. A powerful typhoon damaged buildings, flooded roads and knocked out power to thousands of homes in South Korea on Monday after battering southern Japanese islands

Typhoon hits S. Korea after Japan battered

Though the Japanese weather agency said the strongest gusts on record were observed at more than 30 locations in the country, including one recorded at 214 km/h in Nagasaki city on Monday, initial assessments suggest that Typhoon Haishen did less damage than feared.

Trump’s stunning split with America’s military leaders

In fact, as I found when I was reporting “Trump and his Generals,” retired Marine Gen. Jim Mattis repeatedly slow rolled presenting military options to Trump for attacking either Iran or North Korea when Mattis was running the Pentagon as defense secretary for the first two years of the Trump administration. And, of course, it […]

Eat the Buddha by Barbara Demick review – voices from a forbidden culture

The grim early encounters chillingly prefigured the disasters to come, including the Democratic Reforms of the 1950s: forced collectivisations and brutal political campaigns that saw perhaps 300,000 people die. The recent turn towards increasing repression, intensified under Xi Jinping’s leadership, has been expressed most ruthlessly in minorities policy. Demick notes that, while the first of […]

India, Pakistan came close to firing missiles at each other on February 27

The Indian diplomats, the CCS member and intelligence officials said the missile deployment, and the fact that the entire Indian military machine was on red alert, prompted Rawalpindi GHQ on the same day (February 27) to inform Delhi that it would release the pilot and that a statement to this effect would be made by […]

The Last Word: Gene Simmons on Kanye West, Justin Bieber and Donald Trump

You’ve been with your wife Shannon Tweed for over thirty years. What’s the secret to a long relationship?Our DNA says we manufacture hundreds of millions of sperm every day. We can’t take Thursdays off. We have the eternal and primordial urge to merge. The problem that girls have is that just as they see a […]

Joe Biden Ignores Record Offshoring of American Auto Jobs in Pitch to Auto Workers in Michigan

Countries from around the world sell cars in America without unfair trade barriers. The same cannot be said for many countries in the TPP as some import less than 7% while undervaluing their currency, making their exports cheaper. Currency manipulation has already cost millions of American jobs. Vehicles built overseas are routinely well over five […]

2019 Hyundai Santa Fe Is Bigger, Bolder, Available With A Diesel

When it comes to audio technology, the available premium sound system is well-suited to the Santa Fe’s upscale interior. The 640-watt, 12-speaker new Infinity branded stereo system with an 11-channel amplifier features Clari-Fi and QuantumLogic™ Surround Sound technology. Clari–Fi works in real-time to rebuild audio details lost in digitally compressed music, while QuantumLogic™ extracts signals from the […]