‘Tenet’ Takes $717K In Two Days Of Korea Previews As Coronavirus Surge Threatens Movie Theaters

The news comes as Christopher Nolan’s Tenet is due for wide release in Korea on Wednesday. In two days of previews this weekend, the highly anticipated Warner Bros title grossed a solid estimated $717K on about 590 screens with limited capacity, according to Kobiz.

Report: Army IG Complaint Filed Against Dem North Carolina Senate Candidate Cal Cunningham

Todd previously served as the senior religious enlisted officer for all of Army Special Forces Command (Airborne) at Fort Bragg. He was injured in a paratrooping training accident. The Todds left North Carolina for southern California in 2016, where Todd enrolled at the University of Southern California.

Combat Veteran Husband of Cal Cunningham’s Mistress Calls for North Carolina Senate Hopeful to Drop Out

“That makes it monumentally worse if an officer is in anyway hurting an enlisted soldier, in this case, having sex with a soldier’s wife,” he said. “That’s unconscionable…that kind of overreaching is completely taboo.”

Self-confessed ISIS executioner ‘MADE UP account of blood-soaked killings for publicity’ including NYT podcast Caliphate

“Among my enduring questions – the question that we ended the podcast with – is the puzzle of why the Canadian government never charged him?,” she tweeted. “I could never get a straight answer from the RCMP or CSIS. The fact that he was radicalized and pro-ISIS is all over his social media.”

North Carolina Poll: Thom Tillis Takes Lead After Cal Cunningham Sexting Scandal

North Carolina GOP press secretary Tim Wigginton said in a statement on Monday, “Cal Cunningham has been dodging the media since Friday and is now avoiding the people of North Carolina because he doesn’t want to answer for his misconduct.”

Kate Garraway and Andy Burnham clash over north-south divide amid coronavirus lockdown

But Ranvir questioned: “They’ve got a prominent mayor in you in delaying these restrictions. Surely that gives the people of Greater Manchester the freedom to actually [think], ‘If our mayor doesn’t think it’s imperative to go into Tier 3 right now then why should I behave in a way that means I can’t mix with […]

Coronavirus: The North feels left out of the loop as England gets carved up by Westminster

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Coronavirus surge in North Dakota leaves contact tracing up to residents

Officials noted that it will also take longer for those who have been tested for the novel coronavirus to learn their results. Patients will be notified 72 hours from when the lab confirms their result compared to the past wait time of 24 hours. 

Senate Democrats demand White House fire controversial head of public lands agency

Pendley has come under fire for a number of comments and articles. He’s compared climate change to unicorns to highlight that he doesn’t believe it exists. He’s criticized the Black Lives Matter movement. He has a long history fighting federal government oversight of public lands, penning books with the titles “War on the West: Government […]

Public Health England figures show rise in Covid-19 cases slowing

“If you look at where we are, there is no way we come out of this wave now without counting our deaths in the tens of thousands,” Edmunds, an epidemiologist, told the joint hearing of the Commons science and technology committee and the health and social care committee.