Jimmy Carter to Head to North Korea on Rescue Mission

Carter is said to be traveling as a private citizen and will not be accompanied by U.S. government officials on the mission, reminiscent of fellow former president Bill Clinton’s trip last August to bring home Laura Ling and Euna Lee. The Cable says John Kerry had offered to go and pick up Gomes but was […]

North Korea on high alert as Typhoon Bavi makes landfall

North Korea’s KCTV state television broke into broadcasts overnight to report on the storm, showing downed trees and building debris on roads, a sign of the heightened concern after heavy rains earlier this month caused flooding and damaged crops.

U.N. experts warn Venezuela it could be in breach of North Korea sanctions -documents

The probe comes as U.S. sanctions on the South American country, intended to force out President Nicolas Maduro over allegations he rigged his 2018 re-election, and increasing diplomatic isolation are pushing Venezuela to deepen ties with U.S. adversaries like Iran and North Korea.

Japan takes cover as North Korea launches another ballistic missile

“Kim Jong Un, despite years of sanctions and international pressure, seems committed to the goal of developing a full-fledged nuclear weapons program — and is willing to take increasingly dangerous steps to achieve his objective,” Kazianis said.

North Korea’s Kim says Typhoon Bavi caused little damage: KCNA

“He said that the scale of damage from Typhoon No. 8 is smaller than expected, adding that he had worried a lot and he feels it is fortunate to have that amount of damage,” said KCNA, referring to Kim’s remarks.

US Targets North Korea Hacking Theft of $250Mln With Forfeiture Complaint, Justice Dept. says

As illustrations, the release details methods used in two previously disclosed hacking incidents. One involved the theft of $272,000 by a North Korean hacker who used several intermediary addresses and multiple virtual currency exchanges to hide the theft. The second example explains the use of more than 100 accounts at a single virtual currency exchange […]

China Has No Military Contacts With North Korea Amid Escalating Crisis

He also noted that the North Korea wanted direct talks with the United States, adding China is helping this dialogue. North Korea has carried out a number of missile launches and nuclear tests in recent months, all of which are considered to be in violation with the UN Security Council resolution. Pyongyang’s provocations are also seen as a threat by its neighbors, Japan and South […]

Lesser of Two Evils? US Voters Now More Concerned About North Korea Than Daesh

Though 51 percent of those polled say they strongly support Washington’s diplomatic efforts to persuade North Korea to suspend its nuclear weapons program, only 42 percent said they want the Hermit Kingdom to be listed officially as a state sponsor of terrorism. 

US to Ban Americans From Travel to North Korea After Death of Detained Student

After 17 months in detention, he was released in a coma in June, evacuated to the United States and died in Ohio a few days after. The US State Department did not comment on the circumstances surrounding Warmbier’s death, but condemned North Korea for its actions.

Trump Administration Calls on North Korea to Free Jailed US Citizen

As of Sunday night, there had been no official announcement from Pyongyang regarding the arrest and detention of the US citizen. The situation near the Korean Peninsula has escalated recently, following several missile and nuclear tests carried out by Pyongyang. The international community, including regional countries has repeatedly condemned North Korea’s military activities.