Trump’s New Supreme Court List Includes Diverse Array of Conservative All-stars

Martha Pacold serves as Deputy General Counsel of the U.S. Department of the Treasury. Prior to this appointment, she served as Executive Secretary at the agency. Before that, Ms. Pacold was an associate and then a partner in the Chicago office of Bartlit Beck Herman Palenchar & Scott, LLP. She also was a Lecturer in […]

California wildfires leave 2 dead and 50 hikers trapped as wall of flames devastates 2MILLION acres amid 121F heatwave

“We’re in the truck. The air is so black, we can’t open our eyes without it burning,” Allyson Chance, 14, and her sister, Lily, 16, texted their stepmother as they waited to be rescued, local TV station KMPH reported.

One hiker dies, at least 15 are trapped and 35 are rescued as wildfires torch a record two million acres in California, decimate a town in Washington, burn through Utah and Colorado and cause 100,000 to lose power in Oregon

He did not know if they were local people, but he said they were potentially both civilly and criminally responsible for the fire – facing jail time and a massive fine. The family could be held responsible for the entire cost of putting the fire out, amounting to many millions of dollars, he said.

I test the reigns down in Africa: A Crusader Kings 3 diary

I don’t believe you could play as an African ruler and come away with an understanding of what it was like there a thousand years ago. I also don’t think that people should be grateful for any representation at all even if it’s poor. But I think Crusader Kings 3 does a good job of […]