Inmate reductions not found to lead to more crime

The New York and New Jersey statistics cover the period from 1999 to 2012, when both states took steps to reduce imprisonment through changes in sentencing laws and other measures. During those years, the report said, both states’ prison populations fell by 26 percent while their violent crimes declined about 30 percent, well above the […]

148 tested for Covid-19 after Arthur Road jail inmate dies

The inmate suffered a heart attack, but officials say they didn’t want to take any chances. The Arthur Road jail officials conducted a rapid Covid-19 test on 148 prisoners after an inmate was found unconscious in his barrack on Sunday morning. The 43-year-old inmate, SP Jaiswal, later died in JJ Hospital, and it emerged that […]

How California reduced its inmate population to a 30-year low

“California was at the forefront of both the prison building boom and tough-on-crime sentencing,” said Michael Romano, who teaches law at Stanford, directs the law school’s Three Strikes Project, and has been appointed by Newsom to head a committee examining possible further rollbacks in the state’s sentencing laws. “To this day, people are serving life […]

Lagos judiciary trains magistrates on application of Restorative Justice

“In fact the Awaiting trial inmates account for more than 75% of the inmates in our prisons today. They are in our prisons with hardened criminals and by the time they come out they have been initiated into a life of crime and are ready to spread terror, death and destruction in their post-prison escapades.

Coronavirus | As tests dip, so do new cases in Telangana

Of the 983 new cases, 273 were from Greater Hyderabad, 73 from Rangareddy, 57 from Warangal Urban and 54 from Karimnagar. Overall, 67,660 cases were recorded till August 2, of which 18,500 were active cases, 48,609 had been discharged, and 551 people died including 11 on Sunday.