Marvel’s What If…? Showrunner Originally Pitched Jane Foster as Thor

After over a decade of making live-action films for the big screen, Marvel Studios will finally make the leap into animation by adapting a concept that longtime comic fans are likely to know and love. The new series will explore alternate takes on classic movie storylines, bringing back the main cast to voice their iconic […]

Jane Hawking: support disabled people using money from tax-avoiding firms

Reflecting on how she has been thrust into the limelight following the success of the film – for which Eddie Redmayne won an Oscar for playing Prof Hawking – she said: “It’s been very exciting and it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so I think I can cope with it. It has meant that life has been […]

Danny Heitman’s ‘At Random’: For a primer on surviving coronavirus in Louisiana, Jane Austen might be the ticket

That reality runs through Austen’s novels, often subtly, even when they’re funny. Though the heavy panting and pining of Austen’s characters can seem a bit much to modern readers, the intensity of feeling in her fiction has its own logic. The people of her day knew, in angling for happiness, just how much was at […]

DFAT working behind the scenes to repatriate Australians during coronavirus pandemic

Over the course of a week, the Foreign Minister secured approvals for the flight, and exemptions from the country’s newly imposed coronavirus restrictions, while officials from DFAT and the Department of Infrastructure worked on extraordinarily complicated contract negotiations, unlike anything they had done before.

Nonprofit teaches about mental health, addiction issues through mosaic hearts

“We realize our community needs a way to deal with the brokenness, in terms of giving people a new perspective,” Hauser said. “A fresh perspective of how God sees beauty in all the different bits of our lives, in all these different fragments.”

Roku Channel Adds Hundreds of Hours of Free HBO Shows, Movies and ‘Sesame Street’ Episodes

HBO’s Free-Streaming Bonanza Is Now Live in U.S. HBO Will Stream 500 Hours of Free Programming, Including Full Seasons of ‘Veep,’ ‘The Sopranos,’ ‘Silicon Valley’ HBO Moves Mark Ruffalo Limited Series ‘I Know This Much Is True’ to May

Frasier cast REUNITE on Skype amid COVID-19 lockdown leaving stars emotional… as Kelsey Grammer claims Lisa Kudrow ‘really struggled’ when she was originally cast on the show

Reboot? The episode was rounded off with hosts James and Seth brazenly declaring they were ‘so excited a reboot is going to happen’. This has not been confirmed, but Kelsey was spotted last year brandishing a potential script while out and about in London

They just don’t get it! Large crowds stop for a coffee and a chat as they totally ignore social distancing rules at a Sydney beach – despite dire warnings that they could be spreading coronavirus

Australian Prime Minister urged everyone on student or visitor visa to go home  He said ‘Australia must focus on its citizens and its residents’ amid corona crisis Comes after fury at backpackers and hostels for ignoring social distancing Travellers scrambled to find a way home, with some flights cancelled and prices for the remaining tickets […]

Radio host Alan Jones slams police minister during a heated debate about Australia’s strict coronavirus social-distancing rules

The ACT is also enforcing the two-person limit, but people are allowed up to two guests inside their homes – only if there is at least four square metres per person.   

Think of Lucy’s face if you’re tempted to ignore social isolation this weekend

A pants career CLAUDIA Schiffer tells Elle magazine that at the height of her supermodel glory days she felt like a rock star. She reveals that she would return from another hard shift on the runway to discover that her bra and knickers had been stolen by obsessive fans.