Fusion power: is it getting any closer?

If fusion offers such glorious bounty, it prompts the question – given, say, our concerns over climate change and the global political instability caused by the pursuit of oil – why the world isn’t concentrating much harder on delivering it as fast as possible. Yes, €15bn is a lot of money to be spending building […]

Coming Soon: A Nuclear Reactor—With a 3D-Printed Core

This isn’t to say we should start building experimental nuclear plants without due diligence. The reason the nuclear industry moves so slowly is that the price of a miscalculation is huge—the accidents at Chernobyl and Fukushima were generation-defining disasters that no one wants to repeat. But risk aversion hasn’t stopped other notoriously stuffy industries from […]

The US military is getting serious about nuclear thermal propulsion

Converging technologies DARPA’s decision to push forward with development of nuclear thermal propulsion comes as critical enabling technologies are maturing, said Jonathan Cirtain, president of advanced programs at BWX Technologies. Cirtain’s company, which makes most of the nuclear reactors found on US Navy submarines and aircraft carriers, is working with NASA on the design of a […]

Nuclear weapons: an accident waiting to happen

The worst accident to occur during the handling of nuclear weapons in the UK, according to the Oxburgh report, came on 7 January 1987, when an RAF truck swerved to avoid another vehicle on an icy Wiltshire road. The truck, which was carrying two hydrogen bombs, went off the road and skidded on to its […]

NASA Mars rover, atop Atlas 5 rocket, set for launch on historic mission

But first, NASA has to get Perseverance safely to its target, a journey that begins at 7:50 a.m. EDT Thursday when the towering Atlas 5, carrying Perseverance in a mostly-empty nose cone, lifts off from pad 41 at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. Forecasters predicted an 80% chance of acceptable weather.

Iran Creates Rocket Launcher, Anti-Tank Missile, Sniper Rifle to Save on Arms Imports – Photo, Video

The arms include the Qare’a, a disposable, lightweight rocket launcher made of composite materials, which features a rocket engine-powered 80 mm caliber missile. The weapon is said to have an effective range of 250 meters, and to be ideal for anti-fortification use.

ROSS CLARK: What planet are we on? Britain gives £71m to China in aid – even though they’re on the warpath over Huawei… and yesterday blasted a rocket to Mars. But now, if you can stomach it, read where those tax millions are going

Rightly concerned about China’s relaxed regulations, £98,256 has been spent on seeking ‘to reform China’s animal testing laws… aligning them and Chinese industries’ practice with internationally-recognised standards’. 

Eric Schlosser: ‘The people who are most anti-nuclear are the ones who know most about it’

When he started on his nuclear researches, Schlosser conceived the book as something contained and compact. It would be the tale of one of the most serious accidents in the nuclear age, when, in September 1980, a Titan II missile, similar to the one he had witnessed taking off from Vandenberg, exploded in its silo in Arkansas […]

Rafale Video: Five fighter jets take off from France for India; to bolster IAF’s air power

— India in France (@Indian_Embassy) July 27, 2020The air-to-ground SCALP missile will be able to take down virtually any target with dead accuracy. It also has a range of much over 300 km, giving it the ability to take out targets with extreme accuracy. The Indian jets would not have to cross the Line of […]

Missile systems, cold-engine start make multi-role Rafales all the more deadly

These Rafale jets will be armed with Meteor beyond visual range air-to-air missiles, MICA multi-mission air-to-air missiles and Scalp deep-strike cruise missiles — weapons that will allow fighter pilots to attack air and ground targets from standoff ranges and fill a significant capability gap.