‘He was a groundbreaker and a visionary’: music writer Dele Fadele remembered

How could it be that a journalist admired by bands, colleagues and readers alike, with a three-decade history of published writing, could just disappear? It wasn’t like Dele had played a bit-part – he was one of the few black writers in NME’s history, and famously helped persuade the magazine’s staff to run its Flying […]

Apple iPhone 12 Pro review: A step above

The screen doesn’t get as crazy-nuclear bright as the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, but the viewing angles and reflectivity are so great you’ll never have an issue seeing the screen outdoors. You’ll see a brightness of “1,200 nits” thrown around in reference to this display, but that’s a bit of a misnomer. It can reach […]

US Election 2020: The biggest since 1860? Why this one really matters

“I think it’s the most important election since 1932,” said Martin Wolf, chief economics commentator for the Financial Times. “When Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected at the trough of the great depression and proceeded to change America and the world and proceeded to take America into the world as a great power.”

Alec Baldwin on Sean Connery: ‘No One Was Cooler’

Here’s a guy who’d played this incredibly famous character and had starred in a number of roles, but he’d just won an Oscar for The Untouchables right before this … and it was a Best Supporting Actor, which to me means, you’re winning it for the acting. It’s hard to do a star turn in […]

Is Donald Trump leading America toward a Belarusian model presidency?

That was the sum total until eight years later when Syria, utterly beholden to the Russian military and Putin’s support for its very survival, signed on. The United Nations has still not recognized either territory. For those who live in these countries and especially along their fluid and at times fraught borders, there have been […]