Lecce relegated as curtain comes down on historic Serie A season

Fabio Liverani’s side lost 4-3 at home to mid-table Parma but would have dropped down to Serie B even if they had won as relegation rivals Genoa thumped Hellas Verona 3-0 in a match that saw four red cards, including one for Verona coach Ivan Juric.

Digital banking: Mondo hopes to become the Google or Facebook of the sector

To prove the point, Blomfield blocks his card using his iPhone, just as he puts it in the self-service till at his local supermarket. The card is declined. Moments later he swipes it back on from the phone. The card is accepted. The purchase – two bananas for 40p – shows up on his iPhone […]

Young people involved in Vietnam’s fight against COVID-19

This allows holders to remain in the country if they have no other visa options and are unable to depart due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. Applicants must demonstrate why they can’t meet the requirements for another visa, according to the Australian Department of Home Affairs.

Why Gen Z Turned on Lin-Manuel Miranda

Thanks to the labors of TikTok teens, a wider audience now has to confront that we may have been “Wrong About” Miranda and Hamilton — or, at the very least, that the show reflected a rosy-cheeked view of American history. Such an optimistic perspective no longer feels appropriate in our current era, in which were […]

Was Babri Masjid demolition justified?

Speaking to the nation that night, then prime minister P V Narasimha Rao remarked: ‘The destruction of the mosque is a matter of great shame and concern for all Indians. This is a betrayal of the nation and a confrontation with all that is sacred to all Indians as the legacy which we have inherited […]

Family of pioneering black train guard who overturned ban on non-while British Rail staff in the 1960s say his legacy should be taught in schools

‘We need to bring the national curriculum up to speed to include the positive achievements of black and mixed race people and people of other ethnicities which are very relevant in both local and British history. It’s a way of counteracting unconscious bias in the next generation.

Critics want racist senator’s name stripped from Reno park

Newlands wrote that Black people should be sent to Africa if they felt the need to be part of society. He wanted to “write the word white into the constitution” and pushed for repealing the 15th Amendment, which granted suffrage to Black men, Rowley said.

Letter from economists: to rebuild our world, we must end the carbon economy

It is Black people in America, for instance, who bear some of the highest rates of exposure to polluted air. The carbon economy amplifies and begets racial, social and economic inequities, creating a system that is fundamentally incompatible with a stable future. If we fail to act now, the present moment may merely be a […]

Design Thinking Is B.S.

So they created this project that is called the “Most Wanted and Least Wanted Paintings.” How did they do that? This was before the internet came about. So they couldn’t actually put out an online survey and send it out to millions of people. They didn’t have Facebook at that time. So what they did […]

Save the parasites! Conservationists say the creatures are essential for the environment and should be protected before they go extinct

‘We need to recognise that there will be a diversity of responses among parasite taxa and not take for granted that every parasite is dwindling toward extinction or about to cause a major outbreak,’ Wood said.