Poetry book of the month: How to Fly by Barbara Kingsolver – review

There are other complicated, ambiguous pieces here, too, like the fascinating My Mother’s Last Forty Minutes – which addresses what it is like not to be your mother’s favourite child, as you watch her dying. Kingsolver’s most recent novel Unsheltered reminded us that she is a writer of vivid conscience and the last section of […]

Unsheltered by Barbara Kingsolver review – a powerful lament for the American dream

Not only a bookclub author par excellence, Kingsolver is also the founder of the Pen/Bellwether Prize for Socially Engaged Fiction. Her progressive instincts compel her to follow Tig’s advice to her mother: “What you have to do is look for blue sky.” Part of a generation with scant belief in the moribund American dream, Tig […]

Flight Behaviour by Barbara Kingsolver – review

Byron hires Dellarobia to help him to make sense of the strange apparition on her land and in the process of learning how to help him, she acquires a self-confidence she had been denied by her lack of education and by her poverty. It is a story steeped in biblical metaphor: the monarch butterflies transform […]

John Bolton can publish book despite efforts to block it, federal judge rules

Bolton’s team insisted that Bolton had spent months addressing White House concerns about classified information and that Bolton had been assured in late April by the official he was working with that the manuscript no longer contained any such material. Bolton’s lawyers said the Trump administration’s efforts to block the book were a pretext to […]

Skewers the World’s BS Merchants

While the world has fought back with anti-bullshit instruments like Snopes and the growth of the fact-checking industry, there is a paucity of texts that explain exactly how bullshit works today. Providing a nuanced perspective on what we’re up against, and teaching us to stand up to a world now full of it, are the […]

Ola Cabs app hit by bug that allows free rides

BENGALURU: A software engineer and a security firm have exposed what they say are vulnerabilities in Ola’s mobile app, raising concerns about the robustness of technology at India’s largest cab aggregator. The two bugs that have been unearthed allow unethical individuals with basic programming knowledge to enjoy unlimited free cab rides—one at the expense of […]

From Ma’am with love! The Queen, Kate Middleton and Prince William wish Meghan Markle happy birthday on Instagram as the Duchess turns 39 in LA days before release of bombshell biography

During that first date at London’s Dean Street Townhouse the couple spent three hours in conversation, Harry drinking beer and Meghan sipping martinis. Harry was said to be ‘in a trance’ and had told himself: ‘I’ve got to up my game here’ when trying to impress the LA-born actress.

A northern soul

Over a hundred years after the Industrial Revolution, which seemed destined to crush the area into dust and isolation as the world it inspired moved Manchester out of the way, an Emotional Revolution happened that would push Manchester into the 21st Century. This happened because Johnny Rotten showed Howard Devoto a way to exploit positively […]

Lots of distancing, no long-distance: airlines cautiously return to the sky

Morgan concedes that “the airport environment could feel a little different for younger travellers when flying over the summer holidays”. If few parents can ever have happily contemplated the airport stage of a family trip, the lurking threat of a deadly virus may push the dread too far, even despite easyJet’s efforts to ease the […]

How did Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump earn as much as £120m last year?

Like many millennials, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner juggle their day jobs with side hustles – and boy have they been hustling. New financial disclosures show that the gruesome twosome made between $36.2m (£27.7m) and $157m in combined outside income while they worked in the White House last year. (It is impossible to pinpoint the […]