Russia’s Gazprom Neft sends its first oil cargo to China via Arctic route

MOSCOW: Russia’s Gazprom Neft, the oil arm of gas giant Gazprom, has shipped its first cargo with Arctic oil to China via the Northern Sea Route (NSR), it said on Monday.Russia is betting on the NSR, an Arctic route requiring icebreakers and special ice-class tankers, to deliver cargoes both to Europe and Asia. Novatek, its […]

Coronavirus vaccine update August 3: Russia plans mass vaccination; WHO says no ‘silver bullet’ against COVID-19

>> India’s health ministry said the Electronic Vaccine Intelligence Network, which provides technological solutions for strengthening immunisation supply chain systems, has reached 32 states and union territories and will be rolled out in the remaining areas soon.

Coronavirus vaccine update | Russia to begin mass vaccination campaign in October

In a bid to stop the pandemic, many countries are trying to develop the COVID-19 vaccine. More than 100 possible vaccines are being developed around the world to try to stop the contagion. Of these, at least four are in final Phase-III human trials, including three developed in China and another in Britain, according to […]

Pompeo pushes Iran arms embargo at U.N., Russia says U.S. knee on Iran’s neck

If Washington is unsuccessful in extending the arms embargo, it has threatened to trigger at the Security Council a return of all U.N. sanctions on Iran under the nuclear deal, even though it left the accord in 2018. Diplomats say Washington would face a tough, messy battle.

Russia’s nuclear play for power in Africa

The Rosatom packages are popular because the corporation’s sheer size means it can offer all-in-one deals, from training local workers to developing nuclear science curricula, supplying uranium for the plant’s life time and dealing with nuclear waste — with the added plus of Russian state loans for the projects.

Russia report: UK MPs condemn ‘utterly reprehensible’ delay

The Liberal Democrat foreign affairs spokesperson, Alistair Carmichael, said: “Given the prime minister has for nine months sat on the intelligence committee report into Russian interference of our democracy, his decision to delay nominations to the committee raises serious ethical questions.

Johnson and May ignored claims Russia had ‘likely hold’ over Trump, ex-spy alleges

In 2016, he wrote a dossier on Trump’s links with Russia on behalf of the Democratic party under Hillary Clinton. It alleged the Kremlin had been cultivating Trump for at least five years and had mounted an extensive espionage operation to back his campaign for the White House. Last year, the special counsel, Robert Mueller, […]

Pussy Riot member detained in Russia extremism probe: reports

Riot Days: Pussy Riot’s acts of defiance Protest on the pitch Dressed as police officers, members of the collective invaded the pitch during the World Cup final in Russia, interrupting the game. According to the group, the goals of the protest were for the Russian authorities to free all political prisoners, stop illegal arrests at […]

Exclusive: U.S. warns Russia, China of U.N. isolation if Iran arms ban extension blocked

The IAEA’s 35-nation board of governors on Friday called on Iran to allow the U.N. nuclear watchdog access to two sites suspected of nuclear weapons activities, and to cooperate fully. Iranian allies Russia and China opposed that move but could not block it, whereas at the Security Council they have veto powers.

Two Corridors and an Investment: India-Russia Launch Virtual Diplomacy to Go Far in Bilateral Trade

However, with the signing of the “Declaration on the India-Russia Strategic Partnership” in October 2000 (during the visit of President Putin), Indo-Russian ties acquired a qualitatively new character with “enhanced levels of cooperation in almost all areas of the bilateral relationship including politics, security, defence, trade and economy, science and technology, and culture”. For the […]