Vietnam will do its best to advance in World Cup qualifiers, says defender Van Hau

21-year-old Hau recently returned home from a one-year spell with Dutch team SC Heerenveen. He is expected to join Park Hang-seo’s squad in the near future to prepare for Vietnam’s remaining three matches in the second qualifying round against Malaysia, Indonesia and the United Arab Emirates. After three wins and two draws, the Golden Stars […]

Women’s Cricket World Cup: New Zealand accept ICC decision to defer the tournament by a year

“The organising committee in New Zealand has been working with the government to ensure a safe and enjoyable tournament could be played. We could have done it in 2021, but now we will look to 2022. As a government we have reiterated our commitment to supporting the tournament,” he said.

Unveil the directional bias with open interest analysis: Shubham Agarwal

Long addition can be looked at as creation of Bullish expectations, Short additions could be inferred as creation of Bearish expectations. On the other hand, Long Unwinding could be taken as an indication of reduction on bullish bias or Bullishness turning Neutral, while with Short Covering the indication could be reduction in Pessimism and expectation […]

Locked in power tussle with Nepal PM Oli, Prachanda tells party workers to prepare for worst

Oli and Prachanda have held at least ten meetings in recent weeks to sort out the differences between them. But, as the Prime Minister did not accept the condition of one-man-one-post, the talks failed. Oli has refused to give up his post as prime minister as well as a co-chairman of the Nepal Communist Party […]

Konwiser Brothers Media Acquires Rights To ‘The World’s Most Dangerous Radio Station’; Doc Chronicles Legendary Music Director Greg Mack And His Outlet 1580 KDAY

The Konwiser Brothers most recent award-winning documentary series, Legendary Pictures’ Make It Work at Amazon, was selected by the US State Department’s Cultural Affairs Bureau to participate in the international outreach program American Film Showcase.

French woman, who got world’s first face transplant dies, at 49

After being severely disfigured by her pet Labrador, Dinoire was given a new nose, chin and lips in a groundbreaking, 15-hour operation, led by doctors Bernard Devauchelle and Jean-Michel Dubernard in the Amiens hospital. When she first appeared in public with her new face four months later, her speech was slurred and a scar clearly […]

Bring the butterflies home

Mumbai-based college student Aparna Singh Parihar calls herself a naturalist, given her interest in the world of butterflies. “I grew up in Jabalpur where, in our small garden, butterflies used to flit about our feet,” she says. But her new city only offers a small 4×6 feet balcony to stare out from. So, she read […]

Amazon rainforest could ‘collapse’ as 2020 fires are set to be most devastating yet

It contains one in 10 known species on Earth, 40,000 plant species, 3,000 freshwater fish species, and more than 370 types of reptiles.

Haotong Li ‘surprised’ to be leading golf major and surprised by questions about President Trump

While he did take a break for lunch and at least some rest, the Chinese star was back out on the course to practice some five hours after his round had ended apparently working his irons and fine-tuning his putting until around half past seven — video that had social media quickly abuzz!

A Seattle artist draws portraits of refugees to illustrate the struggles of immigrating to America

The heart-wrenching stories feature people from various backgrounds. There is Taghreed, a woman who left Iraq because of the war, for example, and Ahmad, who was nearly killed by the Taliban. Thirty stunning watercolor portraits, carefully painted by Keasey, accompany their stories.