Still Fizzing about Coro as soap celebrates 60 years

“I was only supposed to be in it for four episodes. I told my dad, ‘I don’t think I’ll be back’, but then they asked me to stay on, and Fiz became one of Mike Baldwin’s knicker stitchers in the Underworld factory.”

Home and Away’s Georgie Parker finally ready for love

“It does take a lot of time away from your family. I spend a lot more time with the people at work than I do with my husband and my daughter but if I say to (the producers), ‘I need two months off’ they say, ‘We’ll find a way to make it work’.

Distraught mum of missing ‘scallop wars’ fisherman desperate ‘for sea to give him back’ after ‘freak wave’ sank boat

The Joanna C was previously involved in the scallop wars, a long-standing dispute between Brit and French fishermen that has seen UK vessels surrounded and rammed, while flares were allegedly thrown.

The ‘Say cheese!’ culture of Vietnam

It does get weird on Facebook and the local forums with a million ‘selfies’ (photos of yourself) floating around. Sure, you get the cute but fuzzy shots of girls standing next to flowers or holding babies but then it gets really strange. Girl standing next to garage can. Boy selfie next to empty table. Couple […]

Charity bosses praise Meghan Markle for ‘breaking down the stigma and shame’ and ‘taking us forward in leaps and bounds’ after she revealed she had a miscarriage

How Zara Tindall paved the way for Meghan Markle when she became the first royal to speak publicly about baby loss after suffering two miscarriages  Zara Tindall made headlines when she bravely spoke about suffering two miscarriages, paving the way for royal women like Meghan Markle to speak more openly on the difficult topic. Pictured, […]

Andrew Marr warns The Crown’s ‘grossly unfair’ and ‘sadistic’ portrayals of the Royal Family could harm the monarchy – and demands Netflix adds a disclaimer warning viewers ‘it’s fiction’

The Crown’s claim: Lord Mountbatten compared Charles to Edward VIII and ordered him to find a wife (1979)In a letter written shortly before his death, Lord Mountbatten draws a comparison between his great-nephew and ‘the last Prince of Wales’, the Duke of Windsor. He chastises Charles for not giving more thought to the woman he […]

The Crown creator Peter Morgan admits confrontation between Prince Charles and Lord Mountbatten that has shocked royals was ‘made up in my head’

It is unlikely she returned to her flat and enjoyed a last night of freedom by going clubbing. She was moved into a suite of rooms at Buckingham Palace, as depicted in the episode, however this only happened after she returned from a two-and-a-half week trip to Australia with her mother and stepfather. The couple […]

Actor who portrays Denis Thatcher in The Crown claims Prime Minister and her husband were ‘not in love’ and says their marriage was ‘quite icy’ – after using their daughter’s biography of the businessman as a ‘bible’ for his role in the hit series

It comes days after a powerful coalition of politicians, Royal experts and a close friend of Prince Charles backed calls for Netflix to broadcast a disclaimer warning viewers of The Crown that many key scenes never happened or are distortions of the truth (pictured, a fight between Princess Diana and Charles in the show) 

All hail the new baby-faced king of baking! Professor’s son Peter Sawkins, 20, from a close Christian family lives a wholesome life at university where he cooks for his friends, plays badminton and has been practising for the final since he was 12

‘I’m still cracking on with my university work and trying to get the best out of my uni experience and degree programme,’ he told the Radio Times. ‘I have two years of study left and I certainly won’t be stopping before I’ve achieved my degree. I don’t know what will arise from all of this, […]

How Rudy Giuliani Got Caught Red-Handed With Borat’s Daughter

Posing as a conservative journalist in the mold of Tomi Lahren—albeit with a strong eastern European accent—Tutar sits down with Giuliani in a Manhattan hotel suite for an “interview” in which she mostly flatters him into creepily flirting with her. “I’ll relax you, you want me to ask you a question?” Giuliani says as she […]