India’s Fastest Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Can Hit 0-100 Kmph In Just 5 Seconds

The Project Interceptor also gets a DNA air filter with stage 2 plate and a Powertronic piggyback ECU with a custom map. There’s the lighter SS Moto two-into-one stainless steel exhaust as well. Lastly, it gets a custom 15 tooth front sprocket instead of stock 16 tooth. The motorcycle is about 20 kilos lighter than […]

Citizen gave FAA idea to move airport flight path from Boulder to Gilpin

In the meantime, U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet and Rep. Joe Neguse, who represents both Boulder and Gilpin counties in Congress, have asked the FAA to re-open the public input period on Metroplex’s environmental assessment and grant residents there a formal meeting.

How Does Brecksville Stack Up for Air Fares, On-Time Flights?

What do you think? Does that seem high to you? Or maybe lower than you’ve experienced? You’ll get a better fare if you know when to buy. Also, remember to book flights with a travel rewards credit card, so you’ll get some sweet perks and be working your way to a free ticket.

Govt’s decision to sell 100 per cent stake in Air India a ‘bold reform’: CAPA

MUMBAI: Global aviation consultancy firm CAPA has termed the government’s decision to sell 100 per cent stake in Air India a “bold reform” and said it expects “significant” response from the prospective bidders. “The Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation (CAPA) expects significant response (to Air India’s stake sale) as the offer structured by the government […]

The Times to launch talk radio station to challenge BBC Radio 4

The long-rumoured launch will involve the newspaper creating a station with a “daily schedule of news, analysis and commentary with a lineup of high-profile presenters”, which will broadcast nationally on DAB radio, online, and via smart speakers such as Amazon’s Alexa.

Sydney Festival is thrown into chaos as French megastar CANCELS her performances over ‘air quality’ fears – but organisers vow to make her pay

‘Visualise and ask for a ball of monsoon type rain to fall—soaking every area where rains are falling—visualize the fires being put out and all the people and animals safe—visualize the feeling of relief and smiles amongst the people as clean up begins and the air clears,’ the two-time Oscar nominated actress wrote.

Kobe Bryant crash puts spotlight on helicopter air-taxi market

Blade, like the Los Angeles Police Department, had grounded all of its L.A. flights on Sunday morning. A spokesperson for the company, which like Uber has never had an accident on a passenger flight, says it doesn’t fly unless the cloud cover is at least 750 feet. The cloud ceiling on Sunday morning during Bryant’s fatal […]

British Typhoons were scrambled from RAF Lossiemouth to intercept Russian bombers or tackle suspected terror threats six times in 2018 – that’s more than the last three years combined

The latest statistics from the Ministry of Defence have revealed that crews at RAF Lossiemouth have launched more QRA (quick reaction alert) missions from January to November 2018 than they have done for the last three years while patrolling the sky.

Govt offers Air India with loan against aircraft of Rs 23,286 crore

New Delhi: The government today has invited bids to sell 100% stake in Air India for the second time after a failed attempt in 2018. The last date for submission of bids for the national carrier will be March 17, 2020. The government, however, has sweetened the deal this time by offering 100% in the […]

Delta Air Lines Fined Over Booting Three Muslim Passengers Off Flights

The officer who interviewed the couple ultimately cleared them for travel and described the duo as “not having an aggressive attitude, but more of a stressed one and incomprehension on their part.” While the Alis were granted approval to return to their flight, the captain refused to allow the couple back on his plane, citing […]