Tech smarts: How to tell if someone blocked your calls

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Embattled retailer KlearGear fights back against online review defeat

After we first learned on this dispute on the 22/04/14 via an e-mail from Aubrey Broome at Hoole & King, we have requested more information. No information has ever been provided. Mr. Palmer’s attorney, Scott Michelman of Public Citizen Litigation Group, has since learned that DBS [Descoteaux Boutiques] was never properly served under the Hague […]

Google launches ‘people’s cards in India’: Here’s what it means for users

Tech giant Google has rolled out a ‘people card’ feature in India. The company has made it live for Indian users searching on mobile phones in English starting today. This feature has been rolled out with an aim to help people increase their online presence, especially those who are just starting to use it and […]

Top industry exec, General Motors’ Suryadevara, jumps to tech startup Stripe

General Motors Co’s chief financial officer Dhivya Suryadevara, jumped ship on Tuesday for Silicon Valley and the technology sector, where she was named CFO of Stripe, the online payments startup.Suryadevara’s journey from the Midwest to California underscores the chasm between old school manufacturing and new age tech. Stripe was founded in 2009; GM is 100 […]

Users in India can create virtual visiting cards on Google Search

“The safeguards include mechanisms to protect against abusive or offensive content, and limiting the experience with only one People Card allowed per Google Account. For every new card, the user must authenticate the account with a unique mobile number,” she said adding that in some cases, additional information may be required for verification.

An Incognito mode desktop shortcut is coming to Chrome for Windows

Incognito mode won’t keep your browsing totally private, of course; the websites you visit, your ISP, and employer (if using a work computer) might see your activity. The better option would be to use a VPN, preferably one that has been verified as keeping no logs.

Embattled copyright lawyer uses DMCA to remove article about himself

Randazza says he sent the notice on behalf of, a porn-industry news site that he represents. Last July, Xbiz (NSFW) published an article about Randazza’s legal dispute with a former employer, gay porn publisher Liberty Media. The brouhaha with Liberty Media was also featured here at Ars in a story titled “Bribery, gay porn, and copyright […]

Anti-gangster law invoked to score stiff sentence against two-bit cyberthief

For years, had been one of the more brazen examples of the lawlessness and impunity that remain the norm for some heavily populated corners of the Internet. Hosted in the former Soviet Union, it was frequented by “carders” who traffic compromised payment cards and counterfeit identifications and people who engage in money laundering, narcotics […]

In Massachusetts, tiny Pirate Party champions Internet freedom

As US Pirates struggle, Massachusetts members wave the flag The Pirate Party of Massachusetts is affiliated with the US Pirate Party. The national party’s website refers to “the closure of the United States Pirate Party” in 2011, but is establishing a temporary Pirate National Committee to get the party back on track and facilitate cooperation […]

Twitter forces password reset on millions of accounts, denies hack

“I’m highly skeptical that there’s a trove of 32M accounts with legitimate credentials for Twitter,” he told Ars. “The likelihood of that many records being obtained independently of a data breach and them being usable against active Twitter accounts is extremely low.”