Los Angeles can cut off power and water at properties hosting parties during the pandemic

Dr. Deborah Birx, coordinator of the White House coronavirus task force, said this week that California remains in the “red zone,” with at least 10% of coronavirus tests coming back positive. The virus continues to creep up the state’s Central Valley, which includes cities like Sacramento and Fresno.

Chinese warship seizes US underwater drone in international waters

Sebastian Brixey-Williams of the British American Security Information Council said: “Nuclear states are increasing anxious about unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs, or underwater drones) autonomously tracking their nuclear ballistic missile submarines (SSBNs), making them vulnerable to antisubmarine warfare. This is an issue for China in particular, whose SSBN fleet is small and noisy. Though the USNS […]

Louisiana’s fall shrimp season to open Monday

Opening of the fall season is based on on-water surveys by Wildlife and Fisheries personnel and is determined when at least 50% of the white shrimp are weighed at 100 to the pound or larger. White shrimp make up the bulk of the fall season’s catch.

Inside the ridiculously glamorous Bahamas island opening to Brits

We’re talking huge stretches of picture-perfect shores with plenty of cabanas for luxury beachfront lounging, heaps of lush greenery for a spectacular backdrop, spacious restaurants with al fresco dining and big buffets, and a jam-packed activities programme.

Lebanese open homes to people displaced by Beirut blast

Feeling of insecurity Though some people may stay at Chbat’s hotel for a week or more, he and Tarraf worry about the immediate future. “Lebanese people are trying to help us, to fix our windows, our doors, to give us medical help, to give us food help. But I’m not in Achrafieh, and I don’t […]

Windsor Castle opens terrace garden to public for first time since 1970s

More from Berkshire ‘The ultimate sacrifice’: Police Federation boss on PC Andrew Harper’s legacy PC Harper trial: Teen feels ‘disgraceful’ about death of police officer PC Harper trial: Officer describes moment he realised ‘bloody mess’ was colleague Body found in search for man missing in River Thames in Cookham, Berkshire Man jailed for attempting to […]

What’s the World’s Longest Bridge?

The world’s longest road bridge is the 34-mile (55-km) long Bang Na expressway in Thailand, a six-lane elevated highway that crosses only a bit of water, the Bang Pakong River. Constructing the massive bridge required more than 1,800,000 cubic meters of concrete.

Rain intensity reduces, transport services resume in Mumbai

The Colaba observatory in south Mumbai recorded 330 mm rainfall in the 24-hour period ending at 5.30 am on Thursday while the Santacruz weather station in western suburbs recorded 146 mm during the period, IMD Mumbai centre’s deputy director general K S Hosalikar said.

Nautical not nice: how fibreglass boats have become a global pollution problem

The fibreglass is filtered by marine shellfish (in my own research I found up to 7,000 small shards in oysters in Chichester Harbour in southern England) or cling on the shells of tiny water fleas and sink them to the seafloor. The particulate material accumulated in the stomach of shellfish can block their intestinal tracts […]

Seth Rogen’s ‘An American Pickle’ is the first movie that understands how I feel about seltzer

I never have to remind myself to drink eight cups a day; if anything I need to be told to stop drinking seltzer, to save some for the rest of humanity. Back when many of us used to work in offices, I was known as an enthusiastic and indefatigable drinker of  the complimentary seltzer cans […]