Michelle Visage was secret rock for Phillip Schofield after he came out as gay

He wrote in his initial statement on Instagram : “Every day on This Morning I sit in awe of those we meet who have been brave and open in confronting their truth – so now it’s my turn to share mine.

Obama criticizes Democrats for alienating voters with the ‘defund the police’ slogan and warns that the ‘white population’ fears the ‘African American community’ will ‘get out of control’ with police reform

‘And this became a big controversy,’ Obama said, adding that: ‘Just the fact that I was seen as questioning the police…really upset a bunch of folks and I think it indicated the degree to which the issue of police relations with minority communities, and the black community in particular, is always a hot topic.’

Trump’s Solution for Migrant Kid Horrors: Blame Obama

The strategy was a practical Xerox of the president’s approach to other immigration scandals of the Trump era, such as the brutal, widely condemned family-separation policy. When the president and his team don’t want to own the negative coverage and political backlash to the treatment of migrants, asylum-seekers, or undocumented immigrants—but also want to continue […]

Graham says he agrees with Obama that AOC needs more prominent place in Democratic Party

“The thing that critics of activists don’t get is that they tried playing the ‘polite language’ policy game and all it did was make them easier to ignore,” she continued. “It wasn’t until they made folks uncomfortable that there was traction to do ANYTHING even if it wasn’t full demands.”

Joe Biden says Hunter and his family will NOT have conflicts of interest in his White House and uses first joint interview with Kamala Harris to say he WANTS Donald Trump at his inauguration

Scholars disagree as to whether Trump can pardon himself and the issue would likely end up before the Supreme Court should it come to that. Additionally, presidents can only issue federal pardons meaning Trump, his family and his associates could still be subject to state investigations.

Interviewed With Biden, Harris Says ‘We Are Full Partners’ in Governing

The President-elect told Tapper there hadn’t been any surprises working together “because we had the discussion about this beforehand.” He said he and Harris had discussed at length their views on foreign policy, on domestic policy and on intelligence and he praised her experience working on the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Obama, Bush And Clinton Say They’ll Take Coronavirus Vaccine ‘On Camera’ To Prove Its Safety

“A few weeks ago President Bush asked me to let Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx know that, when the time is right, he wants to do what he can to help encourage his fellow citizens to get vaccinated,” W. Bush’s chief of staff, Freddy Ford, stated. “First, the vaccines need to be deemed safe and […]

In NBC interview, Snowden says NSA watches our digital thoughts develop

Responding to Snowden’s comments on his reasons for staying in Russia (which was aired as an excerpt on NBC TODAY on Wednesday morning), Secretary of State John Kerry fired back: “For a supposedly smart guy, that’s a pretty dumb answer, frankly… Edward Snowden is a coward,” Kerry told Chuck Todd on MSNBC. “He is a traitor. […]

Joe Biden And Kamala Harris Give A Glimpse Of A Return To “Normal” In Interview With CNN’s Jake Tapper

Just a day ago, the current occupant, President Donald Trump, released a 46-minute video, chalk full of unfounded election fraud claims and conspiracy theories, that Bob Woodward said was “one of the most bizarre permeances I have ever seen.” After the interview with Biden and Harris, which ran for almost an hour in primetime, Tapper […]

The Hill’s Morning Report – Presented by Mastercard – Congress inches closer to virus relief deal

The Hill: Trump advocates Lin Wood and Sydney Powell complicated the political terrain for Republicans in Georgia this week by urging voters in the state to boycott the upcoming Senate runoffs. They’ve been backing the president and waged a series of legal battles in recent weeks challenging the November election results. Their remarks on Wednesday […]