Watch Trump Lie About His Long, Demonstrated History of Birtherism

Trump’s meteoric political rise can be attributed, in part, to the fact that for many years he publicly promoted the theory that Obama was born in Kenya, rather than Hawaii. At one point, Trump claimed he had sent a team of investigators to Hawaii to look into the matter. Due in large part to Trump’s […]

Joe Biden Greeted in Michigan by Trump Supporters Chanting ‘Four More Years!’

According to a poll conducted by CNBC/Change Research, 49 percent of respondents in Michigan said they’d vote for Biden, while 43 percent sided with Trump. This poll surveyed 4,143 likely voters in six battleground states from September 4 to September 6 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 1.4 percentage points

Kaine’s many attacks fail to get Trump’s attention

In recent weeks, Kaine has asserted Trump has a “bizarre fascination” with dictators and Vladimir Putin, said he “choked” during his trip to Mexico and even associated Trump’s values with those of the Ku Klux Klan. Criticizing Trump as unfit to be president has become a central theme of Kaine’s public remarks as he works […]

Celebrities Pledging ‘$45 to Fire 45’ in Effort to Oust Trump in 2020 Election

Celebrities and athletes, including Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Blake Griffin, have recently been pledging “$45 to fire 45” on social media. This is the latest political effort to gather donations from voters and oust President Donald Trump in the November 3 election.

Trump pushes into Nevada, questions integrity of election

If Arizona slips away, Trump campaign officials privately acknowledge that it would complicate his path to 270 electoral votes. If he loses Arizona, winning Wisconsin — the most likely Midwest state for Trump to retain — would not be enough even if he keeps Florida and North Carolina. It would require him to win somewhere […]

Trump v the media: did his tactics mortally wound the fourth estate?

Put all these indicators together, and you start to wonder whether Donald Trump’s unlikely victory has sounded the death knell for the influence and authority of what he and his supporters scathingly call the “mainstream media”. Did the “MSM”, in particular cable TV which broadcast his every cough and spittle with almost obsessive dedication, help […]

In defiance of Nevada governor, Trump holds indoor rally

In a rambling, hourlong speech, Trump mused on mandatory prison sentences for flag burning, praised various UFC fighters in attendance and appeared to endorse extradjudicial killings for those who target police officers. And Trump unleashed a series of attacks on Biden, labeling him a him a tired career politician and declaring him “unfit to be […]

Fact check: Trump’s speech was not copied from Bee Movie

Trump did say the quote attributed to him during his inaugural address in January 2017. The transcript can be found  here  . The quote can be seen in C-SPAN footage of the inauguration at the 40:20 mark  . 

Ivanka Trump Used a Personal Email Account for Government Work: Exclusive

During the 2016 presidential election, President Trump and other Republicans made Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal email system while secretary of state a central issue. (That case involved a far greater number of emails and also private servers, not just email addresses.) The FBI investigated her using that system, and Clinton has partly blamed […]

Poll Finds Strong Cuban Support For Trump In Critical Florida County

“Joe Biden is ready to lift up Hispanic communities to reach their full potential, whether by fighting for the success of our small businesses or ensuring access to quality, affordable health care,” Biden spokesman Kevin Muñoz said in a statement. “As Hispanic voters continue to lean in more on this race, their support for Joe […]