Learning To Flex Your Leadership Muscles

I’m an engineer at heart–it’s just how I’m wired–and even with three years under my belt as CEO, it’s still a challenge to approach each day with this “leader” mindset. I learn something new every day and continue to flex that leadership muscle, upping the reps day in and day out. Above all, I’ve learned […]

10 next-generation leaders on leadership

Jeff Huber: We just had the highest-[grossing] two weeks in company history, the first two weeks of March, and then 25% of our clients hit the pause button because they didn’t want [Home Instead’s healthcare providers] coming into their homes anymore. On the other side, we had a number of people wanting to come out […]

Diversifying a patriarchal leadership

In the latest presidential debate, Trump reiterated the claim he has made many times that the virus is “going away.” Not only do Trump and his supporters deny the risks of the coronavirus, they also deny the worsening climate crisis, structural racism and the dangers of fossil fuel energy. The narratives of denial are accepted […]

Here are the new rules of leadership

How to educate the next workforce The power of narrative and role of storytelling in business These are the new rules for the future of the planet How to make sure tech companies do the right thing Companies are just now starting to figure out remote work How to build a more human workplace These […]

Trump Was Criticized for His COVID Leadership, but Now Europe Is Faring Much Worse

Europe’s performance “does not exonerate Trump at all,” said Dr. Charles Holmes, director of the Center for Innovation in Global Health at Georgetown University School of Medicine. “He has failed to lead a national COVID response and politicized common sense public health measures, and as a consequence. While many Europeans were able to live with […]

This is the skill you must cultivate to make good decisions in a crisis

After initially botching his state’s response to the pandemic, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo began holding daily press briefings around coronavirus in March 2020. Even as cases grew, peaking at 18,825 hospitalizations in April, he held forth with “facts, directives and sobering trends,” according to The New York Times . While his decisions around the […]

TCS CFO says mental health important, one must separate work and personal time in pandemic

mental health is important in the age of pandemic, and one must separate work and personal space to maintain adequate balance in life, V Ramakrishnan, CFO at the country’s top IT firm, TCS told ETCFO in an exclusive interaction. His remarks presume importance at a time when mental health, as a topic, has become a […]

Gary Lineker agrees £400,000 BBC pay cut and to tweet more carefully

On-screen representation of BAME people is up to 27% of all BBC contributors, but among the staff who help programmes get on air it remains below 10%. A similar pattern can be seen in audience figures, with the BBC admitting that its content less likely to be viewed by BAME audiences.

Your First 5 Hires Can Make Or Break Your Company–Here’s How To Choose Carefully

3. “Hands-on” > “hands-off” leadership. Nothing kills morale more than bringing on a new leader who nobody thinks can do any actual work. I’m an engineer at heart, and the only way I was able to move up the ladder or start my own company was to work hard at being a manager, as well as […]

Companies are just now starting to figure out remote work

“So fast-forward to the type of human connection you’re going to need to actually make this type of experience truly, truly meaningful,” he said. “That’s going to mean stuff like periphery movement, body language, then 3D audio, those kinds of things.” Quiroga said it might also involve telepresence experiences within virtual reality and augmented reality […]