‘Tyranny Over History And Public Memory’: A Historian Explains The Impact Of Mob Destruction Of Statues

Statues in many other cities, however, did not receive a vote for removal, but were removed by mobs of people. Protesters have vowed to tear down the Emancipation Memorial in Washington, D.C. Thursday night, which features a statue of President Abraham Lincoln. The statue was paid for almost entirely by freed sales, and Frederick Douglas […]

Runa Mackay obituary

Born in Hull to Anna (nee Train) and her husband, Duncan Mackay, an ophthalmologist, Runa went to secondary school in Edinburgh, going on to graduate in medicine from Edinburgh University in 1944. For the next decade she did postgraduate medical training, latterly as a professorial medical registrar at the Manchester children’s hospital, before moving to […]

The UK’s exam results farce only deepens the inequality between private and state pupils

There is a political complacency to all this, an assumption that parents and students will simply weather it. And so here we are: a fortnight ago in Scotland, students from richer areas saw their predicted grades, if they were A to C, reduced by seven percentage point; in the poorer areas, 15. This, apparently, was […]

French city tells shoppers: wear masks outside or pay fine

LILLE, France (Reuters) – French Prime Minister Jean Castex urged people not to let down their guard in the fight against COVID-19 on Monday, the day one of France’s biggest cities ordered people to wear masks outdoors in busy pedestrian streets.

Four COVID-19 patients discharged from hospital in Da Nang

They had recovered from COVID-19 and were released from the Da Nang Hospital for Lung Diseases, Le Thanh Phuc, director of the institution, said, adding that they would self-isolate at home for another 14 days as per regulations.

Why History matters: Need for the reinstatement of its study in Nigerian schools

I can be of Nigerian parents from Borno but born and brought up in Sweden, for instance, in which case my being a “national” of Nigeria will definitely be at a different level of understanding from those of my parents. In this case, what they understand as “nationhood” in the physical and psychological sense may […]

Britain’s daily coronavirus death toll EXCEEDED 1,000 nine times in April, new figures show after officials added extra 3,811 fatalities outside of hospital taking total to 26,097 – but the REAL toll will still be thousands higher

The ONS will continue to be the most accurate source of data because it counts everyone who has COVID-19 mentioned on their death certificate, whether they were tested or not. The CQC, which regulates care homes and hospitals, also includes suspected deaths in a bid to make sure people are not missed out because tests […]

Flash floods leave town underwater with torrential rain and thunderstorms sweeping Britain ahead of another once-rare 68F ‘Tropical night’ after temperatures soared close to 100F

Authorities struggled to keep people away from Britain’s overcrowded beaches amid social distancing issues; South East Water urged customers to put away their hose pipes, garden sprinklers and garden water toys;  In Southend, a child had suspected hypothermia after being spotted clinging to a dingy 300 yards out to sea; HM Coastguard dealt with the […]

Schools reopening: Boris Johnson takes aim at ‘demanding’ unions as he says its our ‘moral duty’ to get kids back

Geoff Barton, general secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders, told the Daily Telegraph: “If you want to limit the number of children on site or travelling to and from school, a big part of that is using rotas and the obvious way to do it is ‘week on-week off’.

Witch hunts: A global problem in the 21st century

Africa’s exiled ‘witches’ Hopeful The women in the “witch villages” know that they cannot return to their families. Yet, many of them still hope for a small miracle. Ann-Christine Woehrl’s photos gave them a new sense of confidence and pride. For some of the women, it was the first time they had seen an image […]