Museum and arts centre where British colonialist Cecil Rhodes was born is changing its name after Black Lives Matter protests

A plaque in honour of Rhodes’s ‘great services’ to the UK on an outside wall of the college facing the street is also due to be removed. In a statement, Oriel College’s 40-strong governing body said it had ‘voted to launch an independent commission of inquiry into the key issues surrounding the Rhodes statue’.

McKinsey: 8-13 per cent of Asia GDP to be at risk from climate change by 2025

By 2050, in an average year, between 8 and 13 per cent of GDP could be at risk as a result of rising heat and humidity. The region could also experience growing exposure to extreme precipitation events and flooding. The socio-economic impacts of these hazards could potentially be severe. Capital stock at risk from riverine […]

Amy Grant makes ‘miraculous recovery’ after open heart surgery: ‘Prayer changes everything’

‘I felt like I got into that runners block and as soon as it was time for the race to start there was this massive West Texas wind at my back… just pushing me through. Even stuff I was really scared about felt like nothing more than just a deep breath and something supernatural pushed […]

ABB and Green.TV launch World EV Day ‘drive electric’ pledge campaign

Ade Thomas, Founder of media company Green.TV said: “We want to ensure that World EV Day addresses the pressing issues of climate change and air quality, and we are asking everyone to commit to doing their bit for a sustainable future by driving electric”.

Six Months After Soleimani, Iran’s War Machine Tested But Lives On to Fight

Major General Qassem Soleimani’s fiery slaying at Baghdad International Airport in Iraq was the product of a top-secret operation hidden from much of the United States’ own vast espionage network but news of his death immediately sparked reactions from across the Middle East and beyond. While international experts as well as officials from Iran and […]

Hundreds Of Actors Sign Petition Calling On SAG-AFTRA Health Plan To Reverse Sweeping Changes To Benefits Coverage

“I question the legality of these changes,” wrote petition-signer Frances Fisher, who is a SAG-AFTRA national board member and a vice president of the union’s Los Angeles Local. “Speaking personally and perhaps for every performer lucky enough to actually have a pension – we don’t ‘retire.’ I have to keep working to pay my bills. […]

Belarus pledges to release all protesters as evidence of beatings mounts

Lukashenko has ruled Belarus since 1994 and for many years retained a significant base of support for his idiosyncratic form of autocracy, which drew on certain Soviet collective traditions preferred by the former collective-farm manager. The 65-year-old has faced increasing anger over his handling of the coronavirus pandemic – which he dismissed as a “psychosis” […]

Government quietly drops 1.3m Covid tests from England tally

The changes were made after it was discovered fewer in-person pillar 2 tests had been carried out than originally reported, while more tests had been sent to NHS trusts and care homes. The problem was acknowledged by the DHSC on 6 July but the tests were removed from the data on 12 August.

Apple, Google ban one of the most popular games in the world

Apple and Alphabet’s Google on Thursday removed popular video game “Fortnite” from their app stores for violating the companies’ in-app payment guidelines, prompting developer Epic Games to file federal antitrust lawsuits challenging the two companies’ rules. Apple and Google cited a direct payment feature rolled out on the Fortnite app earlier on Thursday as the […]

Friday briefing: holiday chaos as France taken off safe list

American Tyler Adams’s deflected shot was enough to secure a victory over Atlético Madrid and carry RB Leipzig into their first Champions League semi-final. Novak Djokovic has announced he will travel to New York to contest the US Open this month but the reigning women’s champion, Bianca Andreescu, has withdrawn from the event. In the […]