US officials targeted on American soil, across the world by purported sonic attacks

“The present-day incidents fit that pattern, and the fact that we’ve seen similar incidents [with] U.S. employees working in China and Cuba, Russia’s close allies, bolsters the case,” he conjectured. “Generally, the idea is just to break the rules of the game, which normally say rival intel services don’t cause physical harm. That destabilizes the […]

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano: Michigan court ruling overturning COVID-19 restrictions is victory for liberty

The federal judge to whom the case was assigned certified questions of law to the Michigan Supreme Court. This is a rarely used procedure that federal judges employ when they need to know how a state court of last resort will rule on a question of state law.

First cover art from new Marvel prose novel line

Liberty & Justice For All by Carrie Harris”Two exceptional students face their ultimate test when they answer a call for help, in the first thrilling Xavier’s Institute novel, focused on the daring exploits of Marvel’s mutant heroes. As part of their training at the New Charles Xavier Institute, Triage and Tempus are allowed to attempt […]

‘Martin Eden’ Is Vividly Rendered Take On Jack London’s Novel

Marcello’s film is both disorienting and intriguing in that it never lets you know precisely when it’s taking place. The director makes arresting use of cascading montages of archival historical footage to summon memories of 20th century upheavals, conflicts, and otherwise notable events; cars are of distinctly different vintages, as are clothing and hair styles […]

How Mira Nair turned Vikram Seth’s novel into a suitable show

Finding the right actors for the series took a whole year, from July 2018 to August 2019; there were also 105 roles to fill. The first actor cast was Tabu (who was also in The Namesake); here she plays a courtesan named Saeeda. Ishaan Khattar is Maan Kapoor, the young male lead; and the star, […]

Hellblazer takes a Harry Potter turn in previews of 2021 DC middle grade graphic novels

“Ollie awakens to find his dad seriously injured and the other passengers nowhere in sight. If they hope to survive, he’s going to have to learn skills he’s been avoiding developing so far. He has never felt less sure of who he is… or if he will be able to hang on until help arrives.”

Don DeLillo’s White Noise: a novel way of dismantling consumerist excess

Don DeLillo is a writer in love with words. He’s often spoken about the almost physical pleasure he takes in putting black on white, in banging out syllables on his noisy old typewriter, of watching sentences take shape in front of him. He delights in the ebb and flow of language, in riding a lulling […]

Nikola’s downfall shows why the investing world needs more private investigators

TM: Yes, one particular section of SEC filings that we love to look at is the related-party transactions section, in which companies are required to disclose when they have links to relatives of officers that might be considered inappropriate and improper. Companies that have a lot of those are often worth looking at because it […]

Steven Spielberg to direct adaptation of virtual reality novel Ready Player One

Ernie Cline’s 2011 science fiction tale centres on a teenager, Wade Watts, from the ghettos of 2044 Oklahoma who spends his time enveloped in an online utopia known as OASIS. Watts’ main desire, like millions of others, is to uncover a mysterious “Easter Egg” which the game’s late founder has stipulated will deliver his entire […]

Netflix’s ‘new world order’: a streaming giant on the brink of global domination

“I think it’s going to be fascinating to watch,” says US journalist Gina Keating, author of Netflixed: The Epic Battle for America’s Eyeballs. When the book was published in 2012, that battle had been Netflix v Blockbuster, followed by one with HBO. Netflix had started as a DVD rent-by-post operation in 1997, mushrooming in the […]