HCM City provides financial relief to poor, unemployed people

HCM City (VNA) – As many as 9,000 poor and near-poor households in Ho Chi Minh City that have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic will receive monthly relief payments of 1 million VND (42 USD) each for three months, starting in April, according to the municipal Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs. Up […]

Partial unemployment in Germany to surpass 2009 financial crisis

BA president Detlef Scheele said that it was impossible to say exactly how many individual employees would be placed on the scheme, but said it would be “signficantly” more than the peak of 1.4 million seen during the financial crisis.

Labour urges emergency aid for domestic abuse services

“I would also be happy to discuss how your department, and those across government, can ensure that this additional investment is made available as soon as possible and also in ensuring that organisations operating on the frontline are given the necessary financial flexibility.

After 70 years of universal health care, is the NHS at a crisis point?

Many patients require rehabilitation or monitoring once they leave the hospital to ensure that they take medications properly, for example. But declining funding for adult social care services, such as home carers, occupational therapists and district nurses, has made these services less available to patients.

People diagnosed with HIV/AIDS more prone to depressive disorders. Here’s why

The combination of depression and HIV/AIDS is strongly linked to suicide, with rates eight to ten times higher than in the general population. Depression also poses special challenges in adolescents and older adults with HIV/AIDS. (ANI)

Coronavirus CT: Yale University Announces Long-Term Hiring Freeze

Across America  |  News  |  17h Across America  |  News  |  17h Latest Coronavirus Myths: Malaria Drug, Face Masks, Mail Safety Is hydroxychloroquine, long used to treat malaria and lupus, a “silver bullet” for the new coronavirus? Should Americans wear masks?

Democrats stall Trump’s $250B business virus aid package

Pelosi said McConnell’s request “simply can’t” advance through the Democratic-controlled House under unanimous consent. There’s also lone wolf Republican Thomas Massie of Kentucky, who promises to block efforts to pass such huge legislation without lawmakers present and ready to vote.

Record 16.8 million have sought US jobless aid since virus

Shamira Chism was laid off from her job as a line cook at a Nashville restaurant three weeks ago. To prove she is looking for work, she said, she must do an online job search twice a week and save the search. There are a few job postings at grocery stories and big distribution centers […]

McConnell, Democrats jostle over urgent business virus aid

The massive infusions of federal cash — the $250 billion sought by the administration would come on top of combined legislation already totaling about $2.5 trillion — are intended as a patch to help the $21 trillion U.S. economy through the current recession, which is causing an economic contraction and spike in joblessness overwhelming many […]

Lacking proof of employment, India’s ‘hidden’ home garment workers fear losing out on coronavirus aid

“There is no focus on them in this crisis and they remain hidden,” she added. “The sense of fear … among the workers … has been growing. Many have not been paid since February and they are not expecting work for at least six more months.”