Super-fit dad is diagnosed with coronavirus and given hours to live. His family has a gut-wrenching choice – only one person can watch him die. What they saw will break your heart

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Genius! Fitness fanatic dad reveals how doing workouts with his young sons helps to keep them calm during quarantine – as he shares tips for how other parents can do the same

‘People can use backpacks filled with books for squats, rows, lunges, step-ups, presses, etc. Cans of food are suitable for lateral raises, bicep curls, and tricep kickbacks. There are ways you can attach a towel on a door to do assisted chin-ups. Washcloths on a hard surface can be used as sliders for leg curls, […]

11 Healthy Indian Snacks To Ease Your Hunger

If you have more time in your hand, you can make bread upma and vegetable upma.

Top Healthy Habits That You Need To Start By Your 30s

11. Fidget As Much As Possible: A sedentary lifestyle can give you obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even death. Hence, try not to sit on your bay the entire day and make some movements then and there.

‘One press-up is better than none’: How Mr Motivator and other fitness gurus stay healthy at home

Xand van Tulleken, doctor and broadcaster Normally, you would exercise for long-term health. This is different. Now we are training to not get ill. The stronger and fitter you are, the more likely you will be to fight coronavirus off, and your recovery time will be shorter. You are less likely to end up in […]

Coronavirus: Are outdoor sports healthy exercise or a dangerous risk?

“No one is at risk when jogging or taking a walk in the park alone. There is no danger at all,” reassures Schmidt-Chanasit. The danger starts only when a large group of people spend a long time together in one place. Passing other people is no problem as long as the required distance is maintained, […]

We test new healthy new snacks on the market and eyebrow pencils for a variety of budgets

Now she is launching EyebrowQueen with products including The Brow Pro Pencil, which has taken two years to develop. It creates precise hairstrokes with its innovative triangular- shaped, self-sharpening nib.

Exercise, diet and yoga help Karan Gupta stay fit during coronavirus lockdown

For Alchemy Group CEO Karan Gupta, being fit is a combination of mental and physical fitness. He told ET Panache, “I start my day by spending 30-40 minutes in the morning by myself. I clear my thoughts and plan my agenda for the day along with some breathing exercises.” With the current lockdown situation, the […]

Stay in shape while stuck at home: From yoga and cardio to premium nutrition, these fitness subscriptions are reduced by more than 80 per cent

YogaDownload, which features a variety of online yoga classes, is offering a one-year subscription at the reduced price of just $29. The subscription includes unlimited access to more than 1,500 online yoga and fitness classes for 12 months through the website and mobile app.

Disha Patani: Salman Khan And I Bonded Over Fitness

In her recent interaction with a leading daily, Disha Patani was all praises for superstar Salman Khan. She said, “Salman and I bonded over fitness. He is an inspiration to many as he is hardworking and looks so fit. Doing action for films isn’t easy. It’s commendable to see how at his age Salman Khan […]