Fukushima Daiichi begins pumping groundwater into Pacific

But the Asahi Shimbun, citing leaked transcripts of testimony from the plant’s then manager, Masao Yoshida, revealed this week that of the 720 workers present when a reactor building exploded on 15 March, 650 fled to another power plant about six miles (10km) away. Yoshida died of cancer last July.

Fukushima Daiichi operator should not handle shutdown, says governing party

The firm is expected to begin removing 1,300 spent fuel assemblies from the remains of the reactor No 4 building towards the middle of next month. Some nuclear experts have warned that even a slight mishap involving the fuel rods could result in huge releases of radiation into the air and sea.

Fukushima residents may never go home, say Japanese officials

Some experts have criticised as unrealistic the government radiation target of 1 mSv a year. The UN’s international commission on radiological protection [http://www.icrp.org] states that annual doses of up to 20 mSv pose no demonstrable threat to human health.

The village where dozens of young girls have been raped is still waiting for justice

The family woke the neighbours, who spanned out into search parties. In a nearby field, beneath stalks of sorghum, corn, and desiccated cassava, they soon found Denise lying on the wet dirt, wearing only her fuchsia-pink hoodie. She had been raped and was badly hurt, bleeding from between her legs. They took her straight to […]

Aligning CSR with business growth

Lee&Man Vietnam, located in the Mekong Delta province of Hau Giang, has strongly attended to human resource development in the locality where it operates. The company has joined forces with the HCMC Electricity Power College and Nong Lam University in HCMC to open training courses on electricity and paper manufacturing techniques for the students. The […]

Rescuers Standing By As Hurricane Isaias Reaches NC Coastline

Current models from the National Hurricane Center show Isaias will travel slightly northeast from its Monday position off the coast of Florida and make landfall near the southeast edge of North Carolina. From there, it is forecast to continue up the coastline toward Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York and Connecticut.

Is New Zealand destined to become a cashless society?

The University of Otago is running a trial of operating as a cashless society, with its cafes and shops on campus switching exclusively to electronic payments for the rest of the year.