As Crime Dips Worldwide, Agile Syndicates Adapt to Pandemic

With huge numbers of government subsidies, grants and hastily arranged public sector contracts, mafia syndicates are well poised to enrich themselves and defraud the state. Enmeshed in business and banking, as well as politics, gangs like the Camorra have long fed off the public sector, directing fraudulent contracts to themselves, especially in construction, to reap […]

Foreign tourists set for early post-pandemic welcome in Vietnam

Countries and territories around the world are beginning to ease lockdown rules in order to make way for tourism to begin and Vietnam is no exception, it said Monday. “Vietnam has had one of the lowest case and death rates in the world, despite being just next door to China.” 

Michigan arts groups losing money amid pandemic

“We are concerned about the arts,” said Laurie Baumer, executive vice president at Community Foundation. “People are shifting donations to human services, but there is a consequence. We can’t forget other nonprofits that are vital and are not getting attention with charitable dollars, such as the Boys and Girls Club, Big Brothers Big Sisters and […]

Ranveer Singh Says He Has Gone Into Hibernation During The Pandemic and Is Trying To Stay Positive

Like the rest of us, Bollywood celebrities too are dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic in their own ways. Gully Boy actor Ranveer Singh, who has been under the radar during the lockdown, opened up on how the pandemic has impacted him. While he agrees that the scenario that is unfolding is grim, he is using […]

Waiting for Sauvignon Blanc: Pandemic reveals Samuel Beckett as the ultimate realist

The writer J.M. Coetzee glimpsed the “plight of existential homelessness” in Beckett’s work as a mind-body problem: “A being that thinks” is “linked somehow to an insentient carcass that it must carry around with it and be carried around in.” The paradigmatic dramatic conflict in Beckett between a compulsively chattering inner voice and a body […]

US nears 100,000 pandemic deaths: Does Trump feel your pain?

Obama spoke admiringly during his presidency of “the incredible strength and resolve” of Bush’s bullhorn speech, despite their differences over the Iraq war and other matters of policy. In the midst of a catastrophe or when looking back on it, presidents cite the words of predecessors to project continuity and grace.

Summer camp resorts to “virtual campfires” during pandemic

“Not to be able to really get close to people, figuratively and literally, would be challenging,” Reiter said, adding that many counselors this year, specifically those in college, would be dealing with the challenge of figuring out what their academic semester plans are as many colleges remain closed. 

Depression to schizophrenia: Movement-based yoga can significantly improve mental health amid pandemic

Globally, around 450 million people suffer from mental health issues, with the World Health Organisation reporting that one in four people will be affected by a mental health condition or a neurological disorder at some point in their lives. In Australia, almost half of adults (aged 18-85 years) will experience mental illness.

Latam Airlines, South America’s largest carrier, seeks bankruptcy protection amid coronavirus pandemic

Air travel has plunged to a fraction of the levels it was just months ago as the virus spread from China to countries around the globe, prompting growing alarm in the aviation industry. The International Air Transport Association last month predicted that airlines’ revenue from hauling passengers would drop $314 billion this year, meaning they […]

Durham Fair 2020 Canceled Due To Coronavirus Pandemic

DURHAM, CT — For only the fifth time in its long history, the Durham Fair has been canceled. Organizers announced Thursday the “very difficult decision” to cancel the popular fair due to the new coronavirus pandemic. The Durham Fair, which was established in 1916, was canceled three times for World War II, from 1942 to […]