Are you Weird? New book promises to reveal if you are Western, educated, industrialised, rich and democratic – and why it makes you individualistic, self-obsessed and control-oriented

In his new book The Weirdest People in the World, he claims that people who are Weird would complete the sentence ‘I am…’, with details such as ‘curious’ or ‘a lawyer’, whereas those who are not Weird would describe themselves in relation to others (e.g.  I am Layla’s cousin). 

Asian LNG spot prices rise but lower European demand could boost flows

SINGAPORE: Asian spot liquefied natural gas (LNG) prices rose for a third straight week on slowly recovering demand in China as local transmissions of coronavirus ease but a flood of cargoes from the West could reverse price gains, traders said. The average LNG price for May delivery into northeast Asia was estimated at $3.50 per […]

Guam boy, 10, dies as Covid outbreak threatens country’s health system

The 1,156 infections from the ship are not counted in Guam’s domestic total, but Guam officials have publicly detailed nearly 250 military-linked cases on the island, including 35 airmen who went to local restaurants, raising concerns about military personnel as vectors for the virus.

India’s COVID-19 situation continues to peak with 89,706 new cases, Indonesia reports 3,307 new infections

The number of COVID-19 cases in India rose by 89,706 during the past 24 hours, taking the tally to 4,370,128, and 1,115 deaths were recorded since Tuesday, bringing the death toll to 73,890, according to latest data released by the federal health ministry.

Adventures in ‘Canzuk’: why Brexiters are pinning their hopes on imperial nostalgia

If this all sounds a bit empire 2.0, well, that’s not surprising. Canada, Australia and New Zealand were often referred to as “the white dominions” in the dog days of British imperialism. Now, with buccaneering Global Britain supposedly setting sail on the post-Brexit high seas, where better to look for friends and allies than in […]

Exclusive: Exxon downsizes global empire as Wall Street worries about dividend

Instead, he must prepare Exxon to operate in a world of weaker demand for its oil, gas and plastics. The company has been dropped from the Dow Jones index of top U.S. industrial companies after 92 years. It is exposing up to 10% of U.S. staff to harsh reviews that could push thousands out of […]

Debt swaps could free funds to tame climate, biodiversity and virus threats

While Britain no longer holds much developing-country debt after forgiving most of it decades ago, as host of next year’s major U.N. climate summit it could put pressure on creditors in London’s financial center to participate in such swaps, he said.

Calling the French ‘turds’ shows Boris Johnson is the eternal spoilt 15-year-old

In 2006 Johnson had to apologise when he suggested that the inhabitants of Papua New Guinea were cannibals. “For 10 years we in the Tory party have become used to Papua New Guinea-style orgies of cannibalism and chief-killing,” he wrote (in the Telegraph again, of course), “and so it is with a happy amazement that […]

Exxon downsizes global empire as Wall Street worries about dividend

HOUSTON: Ill-timed bets on rising demand have Exxon Mobil Corp facing a shortfall of about $48 billion through 2021, according to a Reuters tally and Wall Street estimates, a situation that will require the top U.S. oil company to make deep cuts to its staff and projects.Wall Street investors are even starting to worry about […]

US, Australia to Develop Joint Pacific Naval Base to Counter Chinese Influence

The joint project with the US could be a sign that the Trump administration’s focus on “a new, competitive policy toward China in the Indo-Pacific isn’t just rhetoric — it’s the real thing,” Philipp Ivanov, head of the Asia Society’s Australian branch, said in an interview in Papua New Guinea. “This could be positive for the region, but the US has to ensure its commitment […]