Season of global collabs: Indian musicians on how the lockdown has made way for virtual shows with international stars

Fortuitously for him, his jazz covers won the appreciation of Fierabracci, who has performed with celebrated jazzmen like Corea, Frank Gambale and Dave Weckl. Tonight, Lee opens for the artiste on an online show organised by the recently-launched virtual concert platform, “When Ric agreed to perform for us, I wanted to do justice to […]

Independence Day 2020: 5 Tamil Songs That Will Definitely Fuel The Feeling Of ‘Desh Bhakti’ In You!

That was off-screen, but even on-screen it filled with patriotism. The Indian film industry is known for portraying patriotism on the silver screen in the most beautiful way. Interestingly, India has the advantage of having patriotic movies and songs in various languages. Talking about the Tamil film industry, we have witnessed various films from Kollywood, […]

All eyes on Taunton: When Sir Jack Hobbs ‘got it at last’

The game began on a Saturday and Somerset batted first. They managed 167 in 66.3 overs and in an age when all counties bowled around twenty overs an hour Hobbs had over two hours to make progress towards removing the burden from his shoulders. “We had brushed ourselves aside for the occasion,” wrote RC Robertson-Glasgow […]

Mars probe arrives at Hainan launch site in South China

According to the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp, a State-owned space conglomerate, the Tianwen 1, or Quest for Heavenly Truth 1, mission will fulfill three scientific objectives: Orbiting the red planet for comprehensive observation; landing on Martian soil; and sending a rover to roam the landing site. It will conduct scientific investigations about Martian […]

Foreign Language Oscar Shortlist: A Preview Of Possibilities, Part 1

Ostlund started out in the 1990s making skiing movies, shooting in winter while editing in summer. He later attended the Gothenburg Film School, and wanted to return to the slopes employing what he’d learned. But, he tells me, “It’s a hard environment to do a film. It’s such a kitschy world, everyone is dressed in […]

Clearwater Announces 5 Winners Of Sidewalk Poetry Contest

The Poetry Made Concrete program is part of the city’s placemaking initiative to make public spaces fun and engaging. This is the sixth placemaking project the city has launched this year. The city has also introduced sidewalk rain art, signal box art, storm drain mural program, the little free library program, and dumpster art. All […]

Norah Jones on life under lockdown and releasing her eighth album

“That’s the kind of interaction I miss being in lockdown but I know I’ll find it again. Playing with Cat and Sasha in Puss n Boots is a whole other side of inspiration for me.”

Chinese Media – but Not Government – Begin Admitting Deaths in India Clash

“As both a former soldier and current media professional, I understand that this is an expedient move with the aim of not irritating public opinion in the two countries, especially in India,” Hu wrote of Beijing’s decision to not offer information regarding casualties in the Galwan Valley battle. “This is Beijing’s goodwill. I believe that […]

Lauryn Hill: ‘I’m not afraid to be the person I am’

“I don’t know if I’m a control freak,” she sighs, “or if I just find it really hard to delegate authority, but I really like to be involved, because the music means so much to me. Why give it away to somebody else who might not understand all the nuances of it? You might as […]

The Shell Country Alphabet by Geoffrey Grigson

What also makes The Shell Country Alphabet different from all those pretend classics is that it was written not to order or by committee, but arose from one man’s particular passions. Geoffrey Grigson was a poet whose long working life branched out into travel writing and natural history. Born in Cornwall in 1905, he had […]