Facebook moves closer to WhatsApp payment service debut in India

Facebook Inc. is moving a step closer to launching its long-delayed WhatsApp payments service in India after wrapping up an audit of related data practices, according to people familiar with the matter.The payments offering has been in beta mode in India since early 2018 for a million users, but the nationwide debut has been delayed, […]

WhatsApp Pay awaits SC verdict to launch service

WhatsApp will need an all-clear from the Supreme Court before it can roll out its payment feature, people familiar with the matter said. The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) — the nodal agency for retail payments in the country — has already given it the go-ahead, saying WhatsApp Pay has fulfilled all data localisation […]

Amid misinformation era, here’s how Facebook fought fake news about itself

Facebook deployed software programmes like Stormchaser and “Night’s Watch” for years to track and curb fake news and misinformation about itself along with WhatsApp, the media reported.According to a Bloomberg report that quoted former Facebook employees, the social media giant actively monitored perception of itself on the platform.”It used a dedicated software programme called Stormchaser […]

Facebook bans ads from pro-Trump PAC

“As a result of the Committee to Defend the President’s repeated sharing of content determined by third-party fact-checkers to be false, they will not be permitted to advertise for a period of time on our platform,” Facebook spokesperson Andy Stone said. Stone declined to say what specifically led to Thursday’s action.

Buy now, pay later firm Sezzle tests the waters in India for year-end launch

Sezzle Inc is testing its buy-now-pay-later service in India for a potential launch at the end of the year, its chief executive officer said, capitalising on rapid global growth in online shopping as competition intensifies in the sector. Moving into India would mark an ambitious plan for the firm as the second-most populous country gravitates […]

ACCC to expand digital battle to online marketplaces and private messaging services

“Each of the ACCC’s monitoring reports under the direction will look at an individual sector and any practices by platforms that may result in consumer harm. In the course of our work we will also be taking into consideration developments in markets outside of Australia as well as trends and innovations that may impact the […]

Your iPhone will now tell you if Facebook or any other app is SPYING on your microphone

The magic of targeted advertising is that it should feel relevant to you – even if you can’t figure out why. Facebook doesn’t need to spy on your real-life conversations, because you hand over so much information anyway. Follow this link and you’ll be able to download everything Facebook knows about you. Most of you […]

Speeding BMW Driver Pays 75x The Normal Fine For Giving Middle Finger

While the Autobahn remains a heaven for going fast without the possibility of ending up in jail, there have been several attempts in recent times to impose restrictions. Just last year, a political party proposed a 130-mph limit not only for the famous highway, but also for the other thoroughfares. It didn’t happen as the […]

Germany: Travelers to do mandatory coronavirus test — or pay up to €25,000

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier issued a video appeal to his fellow citizens on Monday: ”My request at the end of the holidays: ‘please continue not to take unnecessary risks! And please avail of the opportunity to undergo a test. … Best of luck — and let us look after each other!’” 

GoDaddy posts solid Q2, now has more than 20M paying customers

Tech Earnings Comcast’s broadband service gains in Q2 amid COVID-19 Samsung Q2 profits strong thanks to memory Qualcomm beats Q3 estimates, announces patent deal with Huawei PayPal adds 21 million new active accounts Garmin’s Q2 resilient, well ahead of estimates, COVID-19 fears Shopify’s Q2 shines as businesses go digital en mass Seagate Q4 falls short […]