Staycation holiday scams soar, banking trade body warns

UK Finance said that in some recent cases, criminals had been requesting that the buyer pay using PayPal. The criminal then fails to send a PayPal invoice, at which point the buyer is contacted by someone pretending to be a PayPal representative, and receives a reference and bank account number for payment to be made […]

PayPal vs. Google Pay vs. Venmo vs. Cash App vs. Apple Pay Cash

Which one should I use? Which one you should use depends on what you need it for. If you want an all-in-one service for online shopping and even a line of credit, PayPal is clearly the right choice for you. Android users and avid Google fans, however, might be better off with Google Pay. For those […]

New Zealand freezes $90 million in BTC-e money laundering case

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12 discount and voucher schemes you can use BEFORE government Eat Out to Help Out and green energy ones start

Income-based jobseeker’s allowance Income support income-related employment and support allowance Pension credit Universal Credit (but only if you’re not working) If you cannot come to an agreement with your supplier, they may try to force you to get a prepayment meter installed.

Bank of England ‘Heading Towards Some Sort of Digital Currency’ – Governor

After running up against numerous challenges and heavy regulatory scrutiny, a less ambitious design for Libra was settled upon, with the project to focus on creating a more traditional payment network, with coins tied to a local currency, reminiscent of the digital dollars in a PayPal account.

Westpac blames technology and human error for anti-money laundering failings

Westpac said the time period in question — 2013-2019 — was one where a number of “relevant trends were evident”, including rapid changes in technology in the financial services sector, an increasing focus on financial crime, an increased expectation that all companies had a “social licence” obligation to meet, and increasing expectations about what boards […]

PayPal hiring push hints at future cryptocurrency support

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From fake lockdown fines to bogus giveaways, shield your savings from coronavirus scams as fraudsters pounce

Another text warns the recipient  they have been fined £250 for breaking lockdown rules and need to log on to a website, which asks for personal information, to make a payment.

Report: Apple wants to let you exchange money with your friends

As of iOS 10, Apple lets third-party peer-to-peer payment apps offer iMessage and Siri app extensions to allow their apps to integrate more deeply with the rest of the operating system. Whether an Apple-owned service would be able to do extra things that those third-party services can’t isn’t clear.

US banks and financial institutions have been slowly severing ties with the gun industry

Meanwhile, in California, Assemblywoman Sydney Kamlager-Down, D-L.A., introduced a bill last year urging banks to stop lending to gun manufacturers and gun retailers. The measure, entitled ACR-115, “would urge all banks to discuss their lending practices with their shareholders and to adopt lending practices that mirror the people of California’s values of protecting citizens before profit.” […]