Former Dishonored creative director suggests all genres could be immersive sims

“I look at it the same way as back when I was at Arkane, I did games like Dishonored for example, and it was the same question,” he said. “Is it too complicated? Are people going to be turned off by all the stealth and the indirect ways you can do things? I think as […]

GTA Online adds races, cars, and more in the Los Santos Summer Special

So! New Adversary maps are set in the Diamond Casino. Nine new Open Wheel races are in, along with new editor bits to make your own. A new Business Battle goes down on the aircraft carrier, with loads of crates to collect and the neat possibility of hacking the control tower to disable its air […]

Call Of Duty ARG reveals… a wait for the actual reveal

Activision confirmed during a conference call last week that Treyarch and Raven Software are working on the “next premium instalment for Call Of Duty”, which, well, obviously. Their chief operating officer Daniel Alegre added that “We’re excited for its planned release later this year”, and last month it was possibly leaked by, uh, a packet […]

Cyberknight is the cyberpunk Hollow Knight mod I didn’t know I needed

Imogen is a lore enthusiast and lover of all the fun shenanigans game communities get up to. She spends too much time playing Overwatch, and not enough time having interests that aren’t to do with video games.

You can now make the Sims 4 be The Truman Show literally as well as metaphorically

She’s created a version of Truman’s neighbourhood from the movie, so your Sims, too, can wish their neighbours good afternoon, good evening and good night. And, even more impressively, there are two versions of it. One is the street from, as it were, Truman’s point of view at the start of the movie – a […]

Distraught mum gets $20,000 refund after Fortnite addict son splashed it on Twitch game streamers

These might be new places to explore, new challenges to complete to win themed accessories, or new game modes that are loosely related to the theme of whatever is being crossed over with.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can try Android xCloud streaming today

Again, this is for Android phones only. Microsoft had previously planned an xCloud launch for iPhones as well, but has been blocked by Apple’s decision not to allow any game-streaming apps on its own store.

Anker’s new mobile gaming grip has a built-in power bank and cooling fan

Bottom line: Anker has expanded upon its usual product lineup of chargers, cables and power banks with the new PowerCore Play 6K. Although the company is marketing it as a mobile game controller, the absence of physical buttons makes this accessory more like a chunky grip that has a built-in 6,700mAh battery and a cooling […]

Microsoft keeps it old-school with a pricey text adventure game,

The price We do realize that Visual Studio 2010 isn’t, of course, a game. Inspired by a blog post early last year, and after a period of beta testing, Microsoft has created an extension for its IDE that rewards certain behaviors, some desirable, others not so, with achievements that can be viewed and compared online. […]

Sniper Elite is being turned into a board game

Designed for up to four players, the Sniper Elite board game sees one person plays as a sniper while the others play as a squad of German soldiers attempting to defend their base. A single-player offering will also be included.