New Edition of Ursula K. Le Guin’s ‘The Left Hand of Darkness’ Celebrates Book’s 50th Anniversary

In The Left Hand of Darkness, an emissary of a coalition of humanoid worlds travels to the planet Gethen, sometimes called Winter. There, he tries to understand the Gethenian people and their intricate social rules, built around the Gethenian’s shifting sex. Their fluid genders makes The Left Hand of Darkness an evocative and fascinating exploration […]

Russian doping whistleblower wins William Hill Sports Book of Year

Alyson Rudd, the chair of the judging panel, said: “The Rodchenkov Affair was praised for its searing honesty and bravery as Grigory Rodchenkov explains in gripping detail how he helped ensure Russian athletes who cheated through doping, escape detection.

Culture Warlords, book review: Into the heart of online darkness

I am deeply grateful that Talia Lavin chose to spend a year of her life reading the Net’s most vitriolic, bigoted, racist, misogynist, and murderous chat sites and forums. First, because we really do need to know what’s going on in these far corners of the internet, and second…well, because I don’t want to have […]

How videogames took over the world

But other markets are also crucial, including free, micro-payment-based online gaming that has hundreds of millions of people involved, especially across Asia. The biggest example is Maple Story, a role-playing game with more than 100 million subscribers — these games are free or very cheap to play, but allow players to pay very small amounts […]

The Polish Government is Attacking LGBTQ People. These Activists are Fighting Back.

Queer Tour and Stop Bzdurom send packages of stickers, comics and books to young LGBTQ people all over Poland. The stickers say things like “I am not an ideology” or show famous figures, including Jesus Christ, on a rainbow background. Since Szutowicz’s arrest, the groups’ go-to print shop is afraid to produce material for them. […]

When Prateek Kuhad met Singapore’s DJ Myrne

A more recent creation that was well-received is Prateek’s song: written, composed and sung for the Netflix show Mismatched. “Akarsh Khurana (the director) had reached out about this project about an year ago with the story of Dimple and Rishi. This is Rishi’s song on the show and is written from his perspective; I got […]

‘The Batman’ UK Production Halted After Robert Pattinson Tests Positive For Coronavirus – Update

Related Story ‘The Batman’ HBO Max Series To Take Place In ‘Year One’ Prior To Matt Reeves Movie – DC FanDome Vanity Fair was the first to report the Pattinson news Thursday. Warner Bros did not respond to request for comment on whether Pattinson was the “member of The Batman production” it referred to in […]

Lenny Kravitz on Love, Anger, and Music

There’s always been a contradiction and duality in your life between the hedonistic rock star and the laid-back naturalist. You write in the book, “I am deeply two-sided.” Was that a natural outgrowth of who you are?I’ve always had it, and it’s all I’ve known. I’m born a Gemini. My mother used to ask me, […]

NASA objects to new mega-constellation, citing risk of “catastrophic collision”

The space agency felt compelled to comment on AST’s proposal for several reasons. Most notably, the proposed altitude for the SpaceMobile constellation lies near the “A-Train,” a group of 10 Earth-science monitoring satellites operated by NASA and the US Geological Survey, as well as partners in France and Japan. “Historical experience with the A-Train constellation […]

12 Things They Cut From Harry Potter

Borgin & Burke’sTenpole Tudor front man (and Crystal Maze presenter) Ed Tudor Pole filmed a scene as Mr Borgin – proprietor of the shop in Knockturn Alley that buys and sells objects of dark magic and other dangerous artefacts – for Chamber Of Secrets , but it was cut.