Decorated Iraq War veteran denied community supervision, facing 5 years in prison for pot possession

Now, the Worsleys have been searching for additional legal counsel and hoping on an appeal filed in Alabama’s legal system. Eboni said funds initially raised in the months after Sean’s arrest were dwindling. The couple was able to pay off medical and housing debts, afford initial counsel and pay for Eboni to move to Alabama […]

UK war veteran Sir Tom Moore was caught speeding aged 98

When asked earlier in the year why he was raising money for medical staff he told The Guardian: “Our brave nurses and doctors are frontline in this case … this time our army are in doctors’ and nurses’ uniforms and they’re doing a marvellous job.”

Bosnia war veteran, 61, with PTSD says picking up fishing rod saved his life

It was not until 2014, many years after he left the RAF and was working as a training manager for a logistics company, PTSD reared. He recalls: “I started losing my temper. I’d wake up in the morning and my bedroom was a mess, I’d smashed it up, fighting in my sleep.”

Ha Tinh Province’s youth celebrates Xo Viet-Nghe Tinh revolutionary movement

Delegates also participated social activities, including visiting and offering gifts to war veterans and people credited with revolutionary services in Can Loc District; an exhibition on the Xo Viet-Nghe Tinh revolutionary movement against French forces (September 12, 1930), organizing youth forums, cleaning the environment in the province.

Army veteran, 33, shoots himself dead in Facebook live-stream despite friends’ desperate attempts to reach him and stop the tragedy

Josh Steen, a friend and co-host of a podcast with McNutt, told Heavy: ’He didn’t seem to be the same guy that left for Iraq once he exited the service. I spent many a late night in our studio, via text message, and in person talking with him about life and his struggles.

On 9/11, Remember the Veterans Who Stood to Defend America | Opinion

We should remember those soldiers who eliminated overseas threats to America, and thank President Donald Trump for ensuring our military forces are a strong deterrent to future threats. It’s our privilege at VA to serve the newest generation of American soldiers who are carrying the torch that was lit on the revolutionary fields so long […]

Donald Trump Jr slams CNN star Jake Tapper as a ‘Democrat operative’ after the host ‘told war hero not to run for seat’

“CNN’s @JakeTapper went way harder & spent way more time & energy trying to convince @SeanParnellUSA not to run against democrat Rep. Conor Lamb than he did interviewing Joe Biden. That only makes sense if you’re a democrat operative — not a journalist,” Trump Jr tweeted.

WATCH: Skydivers Honor Disabled Veteran at Community Event

“When I’m coming down, and I’ve done this over and over again, but I’m nervous because there are performance anxieties. I wanna walk up to our brothers like Dave, and salute him and tell him thanks. Because we as veterans, we understand each other,” he noted.

Veterans Advocate Says Trump Has ‘No Integrity’ and ‘No Honor’

The White House, as well as multiple current and former Trump administration officials, have dismissed the reporting by The Atlantic, which relied on anonymous sources, as “false.” But critics of the president pointed out that some of the remarks attributed to the president aligned with previous public statements he had made.

In Veteran’s Group Ad, WWII Survivor Condemns Trump and His GOP Allies, Says Troops ‘Are Not Losers’

McCain spent two of his years there in solitary confinement. Suffering from heat, dysentery and malnutrition, McCain was repeatedly tied up and beaten two or three times a week for refusing to sign statements against the United States. He also refused to an early release unless the prisoners captured before him were released first.