Matt Schlapp, Charlie Hurt ask, ‘Who’s going to be in charge of the White House’ if Biden falters

“Joe Biden, in his 50 years of Senate votes, he was wrong on almost every major question facing this country,” Schlapp said. ”And he moved to the left as he was in the Senate and as he became Barack Obama’s running mate … he actually embraced this whole socialist agenda.

Plane skids off runway in India; 16 killed, dozens hurt

A special flight carrying evacuees to India who had been stranded abroad because of the coronavirus skidded off a runway and split in two while landing Friday in heavy rain in the southern state of Kerala, killing at least 16 passengers and injuring 123 more, police said.

Group helps low income section pedal to work with old bicycles

While bus services are restricted, organisers feel move will ease commute; Yulu also roped in The lockdown and resultant disruption caused to the public transport system have affected several daily commuters, especially those from the lower income sections. To mitigate the crisis, a cyclists’ group from the city has now started scouting for old bicycles […]

Cops chargesheet Barhate and gang for land grab syndicate

They also stated that the group indulged in filing false complaints against government officers and corporators to harass them. Jagtap would extort money at gunpoint. Jain rendered his services to defame selected people, publishing false news against them. The woman had conspired with Chavan, Barhate, Jagtap and Jain and filed the rape case against Karnataki […]

NASA mocked for discarding ‘Eskimo Nebula,’ ‘Siamese Twins Galaxy’ as ‘actively harmful’ terms

For example, under “future orientation,” the graphic listed ”delayed gratification” and planning for the future as ideas spread by white culture. It eventually removed the graphic but maintained a webpage warning about microaggressions and other issues.

Dr. Wilfred Reilly on whether systemic racism exists in America

In the 1964 Civil Rights Act passed by the overwhelming majority of Republicans in the House and the Senate and majorities of the Democrats in both prohibits discrimination in voting, public accommodations, public facilities, public education, Federal assistance programs and employment and established the EEOC or the 1965 Voting Rights Act that prohibited denial or […]

Trump Administration Revamps Federal Royalty Rules for Coal, Oil and Gas

The changes to the Office of Natural Resources Revenue’s (ONRR) regulations lift certain royalties for oil, gas and coal extracted from federal lands and restore pre-2016 policies to align with the Trump administration’s focus of easing the “burden the development” of domestic energy.

Lewis Hamilton is greatest F1 driver of all time ahead of Schumacher and Senna because he is ‘clean’ racer, says Walker

“But I have to admit that for me the 70s and 80s were the most exciting time — but then I was very much more involved with it at the time because I was literally a part of it and having to communicate to the public worldwide what was going on.

Kim Kardashian offers to ‘fully support’ husband Kanye West if he pursues a 2024 run for president… but rapper insists 2020 bid is ‘God’s plan’

The rapper tweeted: ‘I would like to apologize to my wife Kim for going public with something that was a private matter. I did not cover her like she has covered [sic] Kim I want to say I know I hurt you. Please forgive me. Thank you for always being there for me.’

Anambra Assembly seeks intensified fight against rape, paedophiles, support for victims

READ ALSO: False rape allegations: what can be done to vindicate victims (VIDEO) The Speaker of the House, Mr Uche Okafor, also described sexual violence or rape as a crime against humanity and infringement on the rights of the victims.