UN urged to intervene in case of detained Hotel Rwanda dissident

Since then, his lawyers claim, Kagame’s government has sought to discredit Rusesabagina’s “acts of heroism” and has accused him of being a genocide denier, a claim his legal team denies. The persecution, they say, is part of a pattern of Rwanda’s aggressive pursuit of Kagame’s detractors, an assessment that is shared by human rights groups, […]

Myanmar soldiers tell of Rohingya killings, rapes and mass burials

The case against Myanmar opened at the ICJ in December, where graphic accounts of mass murder and rape by the military were relayed to the court. Aung San Suu Kyi, a winner of the Nobel peace prize, addressed the court, asking for the case to be dropped and pledging to court martial any personnel who […]

Russian Teen Forced to Rape Himself on Camera for Criticizing ‘Putin’s Soldier’

Tepsurkayev was detained earlier this month for his online activity, human rights groups said. He was a moderator of “1ADAT” channel on Telegram, a community of Chechen nationals living in Europe and Russia. Every post in the channel criticizes Kadyrov’s brutal rule, as well as Russian President Putin’s policy.

LGBT Migrants Fled Persecution Back Home. Then They Fled the Caravan.

The president has also signed an order barring transgender people from serving in the U.S. military, rescinded protections for transgender people in the prison system that allowed them to be held in populations that correspond with their gender identity, and, according to Bob Woodward’s book Fear: Trump in the White House, referred to gender reassignment […]

Ayelet Waldman: Motherhood has become an Olympic sport

The essays address the guilt and shame many mothers feel, the fear that they are failing and messing up their kids. It reflects an interesting moment, a halfway point in the feminist revolution. On the one hand, many women are forging brilliant careers outside the home – on the other, there is extreme cultural pressure […]

Grumpy Virgin bows out as drag becomes a political act in Turkey

“Drag was all glamour and cheekiness for Huysuz’s generation but it’s now become a political act in Turkey,” said the drag artist Deniz Aşırı as she watched her friend Florence Konstantina Delight perform zenne, a traditional form of male belly dancing, at Istanbul’s first drag show since coronavirus restrictions were lifted.

Face to face with Radovan Karadzic

There follows questioning that amounts almost to a general chat about politics: how both Serbs and Croats were, says Karadzic “in favour of a decentralised Bosnia consisting of three entities whereas the Muslim side wanted to have a unitary Bosnia”. I agreed with his analysis, but couldn’t resist an observation that “there’s a jump between […]

Is Islamophobia the ‘Last Acceptable Form of Prejudice?’

“Within the past year, I think Islamophobia has become less of a flashpoint issue not because it is any less pernicious, but simply because we have collectively turned our rage to other horrors that the world is enduring. Social media is a cesspool for Islamophobia. Companies like Facebook and Twitter have failed to crack down […]

Navalny’s No. 2 Suspects ‘Putin’s Chef’ Ordered Novichok Hit on Opposition Leader

Navalny hired Sobol when she was a teenager in law school, as the first employee for his nonprofit group, the Anti-Corruption Foundation. Together they have produced dozens of video investigative reports about high-profile, outrageous cases of corruption by President Vladimir Putin’s closest allies. These reports have touched his inner circle: the petroleum kingpins Igor Sechin […]

UK urged to take in refugees after fire at Lesbos migrant camp

In a letter to the home secretary, Lord Dubs, who was a child refugee himself, said: “The situation in Greece is an international emergency and it requires international cooperation to find a solution. As a leading nation on the world stage, I hope the UK will play its role in making sure that children are […]