‘It’s quarantine, not a luxury holiday’: Lara Bingle faces a backlash for complaining about her sick 63-year-old mother’s ‘unacceptable’ hotel after flying into Sydney

It’s unclear where Sharon was travelling from, but it’s possible she was visiting her daughter in Los Angeles, where Lara lives in a $10.9million mansion with her actor husband, Sam Worthington, and their two sons, Rocket and Racer.

How Does Aventura Stack Up for Air Fares, On-Time Flights?

Not to mention confusing fares, packed planes, cramped cabins, smelly seatmates, testy flight attendants, disgusting seat-back trays, bumpy flights, late landings, dragged-out deplaning, missed connections, baggage delays, lost luggage, and aggravatingly long bus rides to your parked car.

The Risk of Identity Theft in Aventura

The Potential Threat is Growing Well, out of nearly 400 of the largest U.S. metro areas, the Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach metropolitan area ranks No. 5 for identity theft, according to the FTC. During 2018, residents of this statistical area, which includes Aventura, went to the authorities with 16,617 cases of stolen identities, which works […]

The Unemployment Rate in Aventura

Jobs, jobs, jobs Employers have tons of positions they want to fill — in fact, the number of job openings across the U.S. recently hit a near-record-high of 7.5 million. Industries doing a lot of hiring include construction, hospitality and health care.

Study Reveals What it Costs to Raise a Newborn in Aventura

A newborn’s first year will cost anywhere from around $16,000 to more than double that, depending on where you live, says Redfin, which compared 79 metro areas for baby-related expenses, including what it costs to upgrade to a bigger home with a bigger mortgage.

Home Values for Aventura

Given that jump, you’ll want to know the worth of an average-sized condo, townhouse, or single family home in your neighborhood. See what’s happening with housing values and home sales in your community, to help you decide whether it’s the right time to buy — or sell.

Economists Warn Full Recovery Could ‘Take Years’ as Fed Index Sees Worse Collapse Than During the Great Recession

Avoid close contact with others if you have any symptoms. Stay at home if you feel unwell, even with mild symptoms such as headache and runny nose, to avoid potential spread of the disease to medical facilities and other people. If you develop serious symptoms (fever, cough, difficulty breathing) seek medical care early and contact […]

Gears 5 multiplayer designer has left The Coalition, citing ‘personal issues’

Former The Coalition studio head and Gears veteran Rod Fergusson left the studio in February to work on Diablo at Blizzard. The departure follows the release of Gears 5 in late 2019, which was well-received. “A polished and surprisingly varied campaign married to stalwart PvE and PvP modes which gently refine the classic Gears experience,” […]

Echosmith Drummer Graham Sierota’s Family Reveals He Is on the Autism Spectrum

“In fact, it is a truly beautiful and wonderful thing that makes Graham the amazing brother, son and friend that he is,” the statement says. “His outlook on life inspires us every day. He’ll be the first one to say ‘today is gonna be the best day ever,’ or, ‘you’re my best friend and you […]

Travis Barker Says He and Ex Shanna Moakler Are ‘Friends’ Now: ‘Coparenting Is the Most Important’

“I bought a home that’s very close to my children’s school, so when she’s with the kids, she’s there; when I’m with the kids, I’m there,” Barker explains of their house outside L.A. “There’s no making them travel back and forth to different houses.”