Anand Mahindra shares jugaad clip of man powering Tesla car with gas generator. Watch

When one thinks of the word jugaad tons of innovative creations captured in various videos come to mind. Adding to that vast array of videos, one clip shared by business tycoon Anand Mahindra has piqued the interest of netizens. Chances are you’ll be amazed watching this ‘jugaad’ video too.

Kenyan opposition lawyer charged with treason over Odinga’s ‘swearing in’

Campaigning lawyer Miguna Miguna was arrested on Friday in a dawn raid on his home. He was granted bail of 50,000 Kenyan shillings ($500) but has remained in police custody with his whereabouts unknown until he appeared in court in Kajiado County, neighboring Nairobi, on Tuesday to hear the charges.

Lightning strike in Minnesota hits shelter with 40 people attending party, 3 evaluated for injuries

John Jensenius, a lightning safety specialist at the National Lightning Safety Council (NLSC), told Fox News in June the best place to be when a thunderstorm is happening is in a substantial building with four walls, wiring and plumbing. That’s because if it’s struck by lightning, the electric charge will follow the plumbing and wiring to the ground.

Snorkelers describe terrifying moment they were struck by humpback whale protecting its calf – with one woman suffering serious injuries

‘No one was in the wrong, everyone followed the instructions 100 per cent. It was purely a freak accident and puts it in perspective that as humans we are entering the whales’ home and they will be protective when they need to be,’ Ms Pitman said. 

Germany’s Maas calls Pompeo over pipeline sanctions threat

Maas said he called Pompeo on Sunday to talk about the letter sent last week by Sen. Ted Cruz, Sen. Tom Cotton and Sen. Ron Johnson, which targeted Faehrhafen Sassnitz GmbH, the operator of the Mukran Port located in German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s constituency on the Baltic Sea island of Ruegen.

Fire engulfs cooking show star Rachael Ray’s home

Since April, Ray has been filming “#STAYHOME With Rachael” two days a week from her home in Lake Luzerne. Her husband, John Cusimano, has been the show’s cameraman, producer, cocktail maker and musical guest.

Blankenship defends controversial remarks, addresses critics

PETER DOOCY, FOX NEWS CHANNEL CORRESPONDENT: Good evening, Martha. We’ve long known that Don Blankenship would be getting good news next Wednesday because that’s when his probation ends. But now, he may be in a better position to get good news the day before the West Virginia primary day because our politics editor, Chris Stirewalt, […]

Teen Killed | Hybrid Learning Plans | Coronavirus Relief Lawsuit

NORTH SHORE REAL ESTATE Ex-Chicago Bear Kyle Long Accepts Offer On Lake Forest Mansion Former Chicago Bears offensive lineman Kyle Long accepted an offer on the Lake Forest mansion he purchased nearly four years ago. Long, 31, announced his retirement… Read more

The murders most foul: He was jailed for the callous slaughter of three people… but did the Beast of Belgravia actually butcher ELEVEN victims?

Young was arrested with thallium in his pocket. Diaries at his home detailed the doses he’d administered. In one entry, reported by the Mail, it said: ‘Di irritated me intensely yesterday, so I packed her off home with an attack of sickness. I only gave her something to shake her up. I now regret I […]

Coronavirus live updates: Nearly half of all people testing positive in SF between 18-40 years old

1:25 p.m. Contact tracers in state impeded by fear: Contract tracers’ ability to reach people exposed or infected with the coronavirus has been overwhelmed by people’s fear and reluctance to cooperate when they are called about their exposures. The New York Times reports that in Los Angeles, tracers have found many decline to participate because […]