COVID-19 pushes all of Pakistan’s positive developments to the side

“The interest rates were expected to come down, the (rupee/dollar) exchange rate was anticipated to remain stable, economic activity was likely to pick up (in FY20 and onwards); but almost all that have been pushed aside by the outbreak of COVID-19,” Topline Research said in a report titled ‘COVID-19 – An event with unprecedented parallels’ […]

Outbreak starts to look more like worldwide economic crisis

South Korea, the second hardest hit country, on Saturday morning reported 594 new cases, the highest daily jump since confirming its first patient in late January. Emerging clusters in Italy and in Iran, which has had 34 deaths and 388 cases, have led to infections of people in other countries. France and Germany were also […]

UK gender gap continues to widen, says World Economic Forum report

While the UK failed to make the top 20 in any of the report’s four categories – economy, education, health and politics – the drop in its overall rating this year was chiefly attributable to a significantly lower score in “economic participation”, which measures attributes such as the ratios of women in the workforce, wage […]

Coronavirus: G7 finance ministers ‘ready to tackle economic hit’

Up to fifth of UK workers ‘off sick at same time’ How is the UK planning for an outbreak? What is coronavirus and what are the symptoms? Coronavirus: What are the chances of dying? “G7 central banks will continue to fulfill their mandates, thus supporting price stability and economic growth while maintaining the resilience of […]

Coronavirus Economic Stimulus Payments: What You Need To Do

Originally, Social Security recipients were among those required to file a return to receive the stimulus payment; however, in response to backlash from both sides of the political aisle, the U.S. Treasury announced Wednesday that Social Security recipients are now exempt from the tax return requirement, according to The Washington Post.

On Socio Economic and Caste Census: This is not…an entirely wasted exercise, says economist Jean Dreze

By Rohini Mohan BENGALURU: The NDA government has declared that the Socio Economic and Caste Census (SECC) 2011 data could be used for identifying beneficiaries for welfare programmes. But experts are concerned about the quality and reliability of the data itself. Former Census Commissioner and Registrar General of India M Vijayanunni finds that the methodology […]

7.5% economic growth failed to change people’s lives: Jean Dreze

NEW DELHI: India’s average economic growth rate of 7.5 per cent in the last 12 years has failed to bring about any significant improvement in the quality of life of the common people, noted development economist Jean Dreze said. “The Indian economy has been growing at around 7.5 per cent per year for the last […]

Thandika: Death robs Africa of a brilliant mind

By MICHAEL CHEGE More by this Author With the death of Professor Thandika Mkandawire of Malawi on March 27 in Stockholm, Africa has lost its premier thinker on economic development and national governance issues, just when his thinking would have been sought on the imminent disaster that now faces the continent from Covid-19 and a […]

Sanjay Bakshi’s tips on how to exploit market prejudices to create wealth

Fundoo Professor Sanjay Bakshi says the stock market is deeply prejudiced in pricing moated businesses and exploiting these prejudices can lead to successful investments. Bakshi, himself a follower of this practice, says moated businesses carry very low risk of permanent loss of capital. A ‘moat’ is a metaphor that investment guru Warren Buffett first used […]

Microcredit, Mohd Yunus get their due

BANGALORE: It may take us half-a-century more to figure out who nominated Mohammed Yunus and his Grameen Bank for the Nobel Peace prize. But, for the practitioners of and believers in micro-credit as a poverty alleviation mechanism, there could be no bigger vindication. This could well have been an award for the practice of sound […]