World-class wine-tasting event coming to Ningxia in 2021

“This is the second time that this kind of international wine event has been held in China. After Beijing, we are heading for Ningxia, China’s most promising wine region, which most certainly has some amazing surprises in store for us,” said Thomas Costenoble, CEO of the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles.

Wine’s diversity issue starts with the way we talk about the taste of wine

Understanding these tastes is more than an exercise in figuring out what you personally enjoy; it’s often requisite for getting ahead in the wine world. Most of the existing wine classes — the ones that many sommeliers need to advance in their careers — demand familiarity with this wine-flavor lexicon. Winery owners and winemakers need […]

Everything you need to know about Mendocino wine

This time, I focused on the Anderson Valley, and we dispatched critic Sara Schneider — the longtime wine editor of Sunset magazine, and current contributor to the Robb Report — to the winegrowing regions further inland. Sara and I were both struck by how unassuming Mendocino wineries are: Many tasting rooms were staffed by their […]

Is Napa growing too much wine? Residents seek to preserve treasured land

Napa county has California’s densest concentration of oak woodland, thanks to the rich foliage that still carpets the hills. While much of it is privately owned and not public land in the classic sense, the woods are regarded as a public resource – a place of recreation and biodiversity, a vital part of the valley’s […]

Winemakers are worrying about smoke taint, but wine drinkers should not

I don’t know what the sky looks like where you are right now, but here in the Bay Area it’s dark, hazy and downright eerie. (My colleague Michael Cabanatuan can explain why.) This fire season feels scary for everyone who lives on the West Coast, but there’s a unique type of anxiety for those whose […]

Iron Horse is the perfect tasting room for sparkling wine

WHAT TO TRY: Be aware that the sweetness levels of Iron Horse bubblies vary considerably, from the saccharine Russian Cuvee (13 grams per liter residual sugar) and the Classic Vintage Brut (about 5g/L) to the bracing Ocean Reserve (which commits $4 from each bottle sold to National Geographic’s Ocean Initiative).

Wine Country Grape Growers Fear Significant Damage From Wildfire Smoke

Not all vineyards are affected. The gray smoke we all see is actually fine particles of ash which don’t generally affect wine taste. It’s the grapes that are closer to fires, like Oscar Renteria’s, that can be tainted by the smell. That’s why he may forgo this year’s crop to protect his future and the […]

Particpants get taste of Italian culinary culture in HCMC

At the “True Italian Taste – Cheese & Wine Masterclass” held in HCMC on September 9, participants sampled a variety of cheese and wines from Italy and learned about the history, manufacturing process and skills required to produce them in addition to the best combinations between Italian cheese and wine.

Philadelphia Union Kick Off Month Of Childhood Cancer Awareness Initiatives

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Philadelphia Union are kicking off a month of childhood cancer awareness initiatives. Throughout the month of September, the team is hosting a series of events, and they’re being paired up with special buddies who will receive cool gear and care packages.

Should police be in schools? How arrests in Philadelphia’s school district dropped by 84% in 5 years

Asked how identifying those issues at home changes the end result, Bethel said, “I’ve been in this space, in law enforcement, 35 years, … and I can’t tell you how rewarding it has been in my life, to be — for the first time — really feel like I’m giving service.”