As Hong Kong’s academic year begins, it’s unclear what can legally be said in a classroom — and whether student activism is a thing of the past

“This upset and disappointed a lot of students, as we thought that HKU would stand alongside students,” she said. “The union and other associations has organized forums to express our concerns over academic freedom and freedom of speech to the university. We will look closely when the academic year starts, to see if there is […]

Two fugitive opium dealers, a media mogul and an alleged smoking gun video: the story of a Hong Kong newspaper feud

As the media landscape migrated towards digital in the 21st century, Apple Daily was an early adopter, pioneering a hugely successful video animation news format, and launching a website distinct from its newspaper, while the Oriental Daily News continued to upload PDFs of its print product to the web. The latter newspaper’s political position was […]

Hong Kong protesters fly the Stars and Stripes and cheer Trump after he signed two bills in support of their demonstrations sparking furious China to summon the US ambassador and declare that ‘America openly backs violent criminals’

Rep. Chris Smith, R-N.J., who sponsored the House human rights bill, said Xi ‘should understand that the U.S. is not kidding about human rights. Beating, torturing and jailing of democracy activists is wrong and this historic legislation lets China know that respecting fundamental human rights is paramount.’

Fear of China’s courts drives Hong Kong extradition concerns

Now, the issue has come full circle. After China used the demonstrations as justification to impose a sweeping new security law in Hong Kong, the U.K. this week became the fourth country to suspend its extradition treaty with the former British colony, joining the United States, Australia and Canada.

Donald Trump ends Hong Kong’s special trade status with US, sanctions China

”As vice president, Biden was a leading advocate of the Paris Climate accord, which was unbelievably expensive to our country. It would have crushed American manufacturers while allowing China to pollute the atmosphere with impunity, yet one more gift from Biden to the Chinese Communist Party,” he said.

Hong Kong: hundreds arrested as security law comes into effect

“Nobody in [Hong Kong] had seen so much as a draft or accurate summary of the NSL before its entry into force,” the association said, arguing that the legislation would “erode the high degree of autonomy” of Hong Kong as well as undermine institutions such as the “one country, two systems” framework, independent judicial power, […]

Hong Kong Police Tackle 12-Year-Old, Arrest Hundreds at Weekend Protests

Hong Kong officials had originally scheduled the formerly autonomous city’s elections to take place on Sunday. Chief Executive Carrie Lam canceled the elections in late July, citing the need to observe social distancing to prevent the spread of the Chinese coronavirus. Many Hongkongers believe the true reason for canceling the elections, however, was the high […]

Hong Kong Pressures Kindergartens to Adopt Chinese ‘National Identity’ Propaganda

The Chinese Communist Party has spent months attempting to frame the Hong Kong protest movement as senseless violence perpetrated by thugs, going as far as to compare riots in the United States perpetrated by leftists ideologically aligned with China to the anti-communist Hong Kong protesters. While violence has occurred at protests in Hong Kong, it […]

Hong Kong buyers rush for UK properties after security law

HONG KONG | LONDON: Hong Konger Winnie Tong aims to move to Britain with her family in two years, but is stalling on plans to buy a house there after prices jumped almost 15% since April.The 40-year-old who used to be in two minds about leaving Hong Kong now wants to settle in Birmingham as […]

Chinese Army Prepares ‘Emergency Response Exercises’ in Hong Kong

The protesters do not appear at press time to have attacked or hurt any police officers, though in the skirmishes 15 officers were reportedly injured. In contrast, 45 protesters were hurt as police unleashed tear gas on the crowds shattering the glass exterior of LegCo’s headquarters. The protesters smashed through the legislative building, spray-painting anti-communist […]