World-class wine-tasting event coming to Ningxia in 2021

“This is the second time that this kind of international wine event has been held in China. After Beijing, we are heading for Ningxia, China’s most promising wine region, which most certainly has some amazing surprises in store for us,” said Thomas Costenoble, CEO of the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles.

Wine’s diversity issue starts with the way we talk about the taste of wine

Part of the issue is that there will always be a tension between specificity and accessibility. I want to get at the most exact word to describe what I’m tasting, but the more precise I get, the more likely it is to alienate people. Gooseberry may be the most concise way to express a particular […]

Is Napa growing too much wine? Residents seek to preserve treasured land

Voters will decide on the proposal by 5 June, but the campaign has sharply divided the wine community. Veteran vintners like Winiarski have gone against the industry trade groups, who are united in their opposition. The Napa Valley Vintners, a key trade body, initially supported the measure but later pulled a surprise U-turn. Wilson and […]

Particpants get taste of Italian culinary culture in HCMC

At the “True Italian Taste – Cheese & Wine Masterclass” held in HCMC on September 9, participants sampled a variety of cheese and wines from Italy and learned about the history, manufacturing process and skills required to produce them in addition to the best combinations between Italian cheese and wine.

Wine Country Grape Growers Fear Significant Damage From Wildfire Smoke

“And now the labs are overrun,” said Dr. Anita Oberholster, a UC Davis enology professor. “They have a 30-day backlog at this point in time so, not only do you need to pick a week from now but you can only get your number 30 days from now.”

Winemakers are worrying about smoke taint, but wine drinkers should not

By now, it’s clear that smoke and its possible effects on wine grapes will be the question of the California wine industry’s 2020 harvest. It’s a question that we can’t yet answer. Yes, it seems inevitable at this point that some of this year’s wine grapes will be irreparably tainted by smoke. But how widespread […]

Everything you need to know about Mendocino wine

This time, I focused on the Anderson Valley, and we dispatched critic Sara Schneider — the longtime wine editor of Sunset magazine, and current contributor to the Robb Report — to the winegrowing regions further inland. Sara and I were both struck by how unassuming Mendocino wineries are: Many tasting rooms were staffed by their […]

Trump visa restrictions add obstacle to California winery harvest season: no international interns

These internships are physically taxing. Interns commonly work 10-hour days, six days a week (pay is well above minimum wage, often $18 per hour or more, plus overtime), for a tenure of around two to five months. They forklift bins of fruit, pump juice into barrels, perform pumpovers and punchdowns (processes that mix a fermenting […]

The Seven Best Shows and Films to Stream This Weekend on Netflix, Hulu and Amazon

Wine tasting: The Wine Show, Season One (Hulu, August 13) The Wine Show is oaky, with a whiff of raspberry. Just kidding. This British docu-series follows actors and wine novices Matthew Goode (Downton Abbey, The Imitation Game) and Matthew Rhys (The Americans, Brothers & Sisters) as they learn about wines from all over the world. […]

UK spring breaks: six of the best towns and cities

Meander down the Georgian lanes to a high street crammed with shops like the Hoxton Store, for eclectic homeware and fashion, and J Cosmo for retro-style clothes. Galleries include Taylor-Jones & Son and nearby Will & Yates. For foodies, there’s a Saturday market with wine tasting and good bakeries, and the Wild Kitchen runs seashore […]