The sky’s NOT the limit: Stunning images of clouds, twisters and misty mornings battle it out in the weather photographer of the year contest

‘This was one of the top two largest haboobs (dust storms) ever recorded in the state of Arizona. At the point of this photo it was fully mature, towering more than a mile high with winds in excess of 80 miles per hour. The sun was setting, giving the dust wall it’s deep pink hue. […]

Woman who considered surgery on her vagina after a lover made her feel insecure launches a crusade to photograph other women’s private parts to prove they are beautiful

‘I don’t want young girls going through what I went through thinking I wasn’t normal downstairs,’ Ms Eggwick explained. 

The not so rock ‘n’ roll Stones’ starter homes: Unseen photographs show what Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and co really craved when they hit the big time was middle-class domesticity

The fan mags demanded pictures of them in their new domesticity and, rather than let in intrusive Press photographers, they asked their friend Mankowitz to do an ‘At Home’ session with each of them. He had been on the Stones’ 1965 U.S. tour and provided images for several of their album covers.

Betty Who secretly got married to photographer fiancé Zak Cassar during quarantine after six years together: ‘I feel really lucky’

‘I’m still not as cool as her but I definitely learned a little something from her that lives in me now. And I won’t lie to you, it would be very full circle if I could make a budding, young queer girl feel 1/100th of the way Shane from The L Word made me feel.’

Sven Marquardt, Photographer and Bouncer

He was born in 1962 and grew up in East Berlin. He became a photographer and worked in what was then East Germany for fashion magazines such as Sibylle. He also documented the East Berlin underground scene. He was something of a star, but after German reunification there was little interest in his work in […]

WWII photographer Robert Capa: Debunking the myth

The criticism, in a nutshell, is that Capa was on Omaha Beach later than previously reported, when the worst of the fighting was already over, and that he did not stay as long as previously assumed. The total number of photos he shot is also contested, with Capa supposedly taking far fewer photos than he […]

‘Srishti’, a dark, twisted tale of a photographer fighting the odds

While Paul was busy writing and developing the story, Karthik finalised the crew, bringing on board his friends from a film institute who were hungry to work on something creative. Says Karthik, “As freshers, when we approach any production house with an idea or story we are asked about the commercial gains. However, we wanted […]

Loch Ness monster: iconic photograph commemorated in Google doodle

A grainy photograph that cleaved the nation into camps of believers and non-believers is the subject of Tuesday’s Google doodle. It marks the 81st anniversary of the time Colonel Robert Wilson stopped his car on a road running along the banks of Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands and snapped what appeared to be the […]

Perfect paw-traits! Hilarious dogs are captured looking their absolute happiest – and the photographs are bound to put a smile on your face

The photographer said to use a camera with a fast shutter speed: ‘So you have the control to get an in-focus photo of your dog no matter how fast and frenzied they are.’ Pictured, an excited dog appears to be ready to play

I tried to photograph the apocalypse, but my iPhone wouldn’t let me

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