Tom King delves into the sexy side of Batman/Catwoman (and them as parents)

King: That I don’t have to write? I like that. Black Label is almost a rating system. So we have the main DC, DC Young Readers – who are doing great graphic novels – and then Black Label. Each one of these, I give to one of my kids. DC Young for my six-year-old, main […]

Rafer Johnson, 1960 Olympic Decathlon Champion, Dies at 86

After winning the national decathlon championship in 1956, Johnson was the favorite for the Olympics in Melbourne but pulled a stomach muscle and strained a knee while training. He was forced to withdraw from the long jump, for which he had also qualified, but tried to gut out the decathlon.

COVID-19: Pfizer says in talks with India on opportunity to roll out vaccine

“Their whole production has been booked for 2021 by rich countries. India has not booked or created the infrastructure for ultra-cold storage and distribution of the vaccine. Hence, it looks unfeasible. The price is also beyond the Indian range of affordability,” ICMR former director general NK Ganguly said. However, a Pfizer official said the company […]

9 Science-Backed Methods For More Productive Meetings

86% think it’s inappropriate to answer phone calls during meetings 84% think it’s inappropriate to write texts or emails during meetings 75% think it’s inappropriate to read texts or emails during meetings 4 meeting tips from Google, Apple, and others 1. Keep your meetings to 10 attendees or fewer The 10-person rule at Google, as […]

‘Koodiyattam is a full-time vocation’

Noted Koodiyattam authority KG Paulose writes in the epilogue of his 2006 book, Kutiyattam Theatre — The Earliest Living Tradition: “Some hold the view, quite rightly, that many new productions fail to do justice to the spirit of Kutiyattam. The deep and subtle acting is ignored. When the presentation is limited to two hours, in […]

Rugby union’s obsession with defence must be tackled if game is to thrive

The game in Europe is in one of its sclerotic periods on the field and mired in administrative inertia off it. Amazon has the final it would have hoped for on Sunday with England and France offering the most potential new subscribers, but Les Bleus are having to field a reserve team. That’s because the […]